Zoom says not worried about JioMeet competition!

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Recently established JioMeet Video conferencing system and Zoom have equal features – here is what Zoom has to say about it is the most recent competitor.

By the time that the lockdown began across the planet, the video conferencing platform Zoom observed an unprecedented spike in use. Plus it made sense that folks were operating in the home and they had a stage to arrange those significant office meetings, professors and teachers necessary to run courses and the list continues.

Zoom encashed with this chance so well that additional video-conferencing platforms such as Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp etc began adding features to maintain. These included raising the number of individuals allowed to talk in time, backgrounds etc..

Many nations like India issued warnings regarding utilizing Zoom because of safety issues and zoombombers as time passes and maybe even prohibited it in certain scenarios. Some meetings have been hacked by people who staged pornography in a session. Questions were raised regarding how stable the platform really has been given that a good deal of professional meetings was occurring on it.

Zoom & JioMeet Comparision.jpg

The Indian authorities even sent a telephone for local programmers to think of a program to substitute Zoom (that is where an program such as Say Namaste discovered its chance ).

But, Zoom drifted through, also added a few very important security features in route, and the stage remains a go-to option to large meetings and basically not much to be concerned about.

Rolled on Monday night to all customers, JioMeet appears to be the only platform in the nation which may possibly carry on Zoom.

JioMeet played it fairly unnaturally though. All of the attributes on the stage, including the emblem, appears to be quite heavily’motivated’ from Zoom.

Before we get into this, here are some features that are typical, and those Which Are not, involving JioMeet and Zoom –

  • Upto 100 users

JioMeet enables upto 100 associates to be on a movie phone at once. This is just like Zoom’s fundamental free program. But, JioMeet has an edge in regards to time finished Zoom. JioMeet enables 100 users on a movie phone for 24 hours no constraints. Zoom only enables this for one-way calls. For team calls on Zoom which has more than three individuals (can go up to 100) – just 40 mins are not free. If you would like to continue after 40 mins you’ll need to disconnect and begin another assembly.

We haven’t figured out why anybody would wish to have meetings that go on for over 24 hours, but obviously, users love the alternative.

  • Paid programs

If it comes to programs, JioMeet has an edge – it is logical for restricted but free usage. For larger meetings and endurance, Zoom Guru is a much better bargain.


Zoom has three strategies for smaller groups, SMEs and massive businesses with the most fundamental one beginning from $14.99/month. If you would like more, then you are going to need to decide on the pricier plans.

For SMEs and larger enterprises, Zoom enables 1,000 participants on a single video call at one time.

JioMeet hasn’t announced any plans yet and there aren’t any details about the number of users JioMeet can adapt for bigger enterprises at the same go. The business hasn’t cited any details about lectures and webinars.

You may download the program from all of the app shops and from its own site too.

JioMeet enables you to organize meetings, password protect them and they have a waiting space where participants who have never been accepted to join a telephone can wait to get a green signal from the server. Zoom includes all these attributes too.

JioMeet asserts it may be used on older video conferencing apparatus in addition to the newest ones. The movie quality is limited to 720p to get JioMeet, but there’s the choice to alter the input as well. This indicates is that it is possible to use third-party camera programs or another video camera for those meetings. Zoom enables this also.

  • Encryption

JioMeet on the other hand also has said that meetings around the system are password encrypted and protected but haven’t mentioned E2E yet.

Going with this – that the programs look indistinguishable. Zoom ought to be bracing itself for a few heavy-duty contest from the Indian-made, neighbourhood program corner. However, they don’t seem quite stressed.

“Zoom has undergone intense competition because it was instituted in 2011, and we have been the platform of choice to countless individuals around the globe. We all know exactly what it takes to be the unified communications system we all are now, including the immense quantity of focus and work necessary to make our frictionless consumer expertise, sophisticated security, and scalable structure,” the firm said in an announcement now.

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