Your LOVED ones are affected WORSE than you when you’re sick!

Your LOVED ones are affected WORSE than you when you’re sick!

Running a successful business just in your 30s puts you in an elite group of people. But, this obviously comes at a cost, with extreme hard work, dedication and sacrifices becoming second nature. Along with that, taking care of family, spending quality time with your wife and making sure that you are around to watch your kids grow up, you truly are leading a life that deserves a salute. However, from time to time, there are bound to be instances that force you to press the pause button on your Superhusband and Superdad lifestyle. Falling sick is one unavoidable circumstance that is bound to get to you at some point in your life and while it may take a toll on you and your life, it takes a heavy toll on your loved ones too, even if the ailment isn’t too serious. You may not realize it at the time, but your family is suffering with you at every step of your sickness. And knowing how seriously you take your family’s happiness, surely you want to make sure that they are not too worried and are feeling assured and secure at all times. Here are a few ways in which your loved ones might be a lot more deeply affected by your sickness than you think.

1. The constant worrying

First things first, your family’s top priority is always your health. They are obviously going to worry, even about the smallest things, however much you want to assure them that it is nothing and you will be perfectly alright in no time. And God forbid if the health issue is a serious one, all of your loved ones are going to even worry themselves sick. The mental trauma of constantly thinking about what all could go wrong, what is not being done yet to nurse you even going to the point of seeking out religious interventions in some cases, is something that affects them deeply and makes them suffer as much as you. Apart from the health, you being the owner of your business is also a factor that can add to the emotional strain on your family, with your family members obviously worrying about the operations of your business in your absence. Last, but definitely not the least, your children obviously get affected seeing their hero not being able to function at his full capacity because of illness.

2. Keeping distance

In the cases of a majority of ailments, doctors advise keeping a safe distance from your family, especially your children. This however can affect your young children deeply since they don’t fully understand why their dad is steering clear of them and why they aren’t allowed to play with him.

3. The life style changes

Every sickness has its own span and while obviously you never want to fall sick in any magnitude, you definitely never want to be stricken with a serious sickness that bogs you down for a long time. However, with the daily stress of your life, being a successful businessman, living in urban areas that are increasingly becoming exposed to heightened levels of pollution and also leading some unhealthy lifestyle practices without even knowing too much about them, there is always a risk of being affected by a serious ailment. In such a scenario, the turmoil of your loved ones understandably increases. In severe cases they have to cut down on the luxuries and make sacrifices in their current comfortable lifestyle. This affects them seriously with your kids not being mature enough to understand the reasons just yet and not being able to adjust to the sacrifices being made.

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