You won’t believe what Angelina Jolie, Nelson Mandela, Yuvraj Singh, and Lisa Ray have in common!

You won’t believe what Angelina Jolie, Nelson Mandela, Yuvraj Singh, and Lisa Ray have in common!

Apart from the fact that the mentioned names are globally renowned personalities, there is yet another common touch that unites them. These iconic personalities from different walks of life including Hollywood, Politics, sports and modeling have shared a brush with cancer. The 2011 cricket world cup winner, South Africa’s national hero, a Hollywood icon and another, a Canadian model and television personality these four people overcame immense difficulties to defeat cancer and embrace life in all of its glories.

The all-rounder who “batted” Cancer away

Yuvraj Singh started his formidable career in International cricket in 2000 and in very less time became the star of the Indian cricket team. Best known for the six sixes in an over against England, the T-20 world cup in 2007 and 2011 ICC world cup, Yuvraj Singh could have died of a heart attack against the memorable match against Australia and no one would have known he had cancer. In one interview, he remarked, “Cancer does not mean death. Don’t be scared… Be positive… Please don’t think your life is going to end…” He is said to have taken inspiration from Lance Armstrong, the American road race cyclist who made numerous records and was diagnosed with the same kind of tumour. In April of 2012, Yuvraj made his comeback in a T-20 match against New Zealand and is still one of the gems in the Indian Cricket team.

The Man Who Set an Entire Race Free

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, South Africa’s anti-apartheid revolutionary who served as the President of South Africa from 1994 – 1999 was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 83. Yet then he made firm on his overseas commitments and mediated peace efforts in Burundi. He was also said to be working on his second biography at that time.

The Beauty Queen who “Cut” Cancer out

Angelina Jolie is yet another inspiration for cancer patients. The stunning Hollywood actress tested as highly predisposed to breast cancer due to her genes and actually underwent a mastectomy as a preventive measure. Quite a bold and admirable step for a woman who works in showbiz!

The Indo-Canadian Poster Girl for Cancer

Lisa Ray, a supermodel turned role model for many in the right that she overcame multiple myeloma (a type of cancer) and was declared a successful cancer survivor in 2010. Since then her work in raising funds for cancer as well as spreading awareness has been tremendous!

The Non-Glamorous Side of Cancer

Cancer is a critical disease, which is caused by an unchecked growth of abnormal cells in one or many parts of the body. Unhealthy lifestyle activities like smoking, drinking and exposure to pollution like working in construction sites pose the risk of cancer. However, genetics and several other factors can also increase the likelihood of this dreaded disease.

Some data as of 2010 – 2012, found that around 39.6 percent of young adults stand a chance of contracting cancer during the course of their lives. Over 14.5 lakh citizens are living with any form of cancer and almost 7 lakh cases are being reported each year.

An additional cause of concern is the increasing incidence of smoking among young adults. Over 70% of global lung cancer and 20% cancer related deaths are attributed to tobacco usage. Also, smoking is one of the primary factors that is considered in a cancer insurance. The present research shows that cancer can be caused due to surprising everyday things like diet soda, sunscreen and even night shifts.


Living with cancer can be very difficult. It is not that the above mentioned personalities got cured in one week or month or year even with the best of medical care. There is physical, emotional and financial turmoil that need to be overcome before fighting the disease. In conclusion, it is important to believe in yourself before believing in the power of prayers. And most importantly, to protect yourself and loved ones from the financial consequences of this disease by getting insured against cancer.

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