Worried about ageing parents? HDFC Easy Health is here for you!

Health is a big concern as soon as you cross your fifties. Taking health for granted would only mean more visits to the doctor on account of ill health, facing more health related expenses and buying more medicines to cure health issues. You should educate them about maintaining good health and ways to handle health related expenses.If you are a concerned son or daughter, HDFC Easy Health the first thing to choose to protect your parents

Aged parents usually have their own retirement plans in place. That said, it also quite obvious that they have a fixed set of money flowing into their hands periodically and all expenses are to be met within that fixed asset only. Unexpected illnesses and related hospitalizations or expenses could definitely take put a lot of stress on the children in the role of care takers as well as parents themselves to meet those expenses. This is why it makes sense to evaluate the fixed funds and understand how much can be invested into a health care plan. Here are reasons to opt for the HDFC Easy Health plan for your parents and reduce that stress from your head when it comes to managing their health concerns:

Flexibility in choosing benefits

The benefits offered to your parents when you seek coverage for them are – critical illness charges, payouts on surgeries if any and hospitalization charges. You can choose any of the benefits to be included in your plan or opt for a combination. In any which ways, you get maximum coverage for your parents and thus here’s a way you can meet all the major health expenses of your parents without much worry.


Claim settlements are hassle free

Payouts vary among the three different plans. In some cases, 100% payout of the sum assured is guaranteed when you have many claims to make during a specific period. The claim settlement process is also hassle free and you need not worry about delays in payments reaching out to the concerned hands.


HDFC Easy Health does not require medical tests

This is one of the most common concerns related to aged persons. When dealing with health insurance, one is always looking at options that will give them maximum coverage for known and unknown factors. Medical tests in most cases are mandatory to look into the aspect of providing coverage and medical reimbursements. With HDFC Easy Health, you don’t have to worry about that. A flexible plan that does not ask you to undergo any prior medical test is a boon in itself.

Lump sum payouts at times of need are an added advantage

Medical emergencies are something we cannot rule out. Accidents or unexpected health conditions could worsen the health situation of aged parents. They may even lose the mental strength to deal with the incurred costs. In such cases, if you have a backbone that eases your worries by way of lending lump sum payouts to meet immediate needs of huge money and give you access to the right treatment at the right time. Save money crunches during critical times by opting for the above plan.

Flexibility in paying premium amounts

You could opt for a single premium option or on a yearly basis based on your financial commitments. Based on the combination of benefits you choose for your parents, which are again dependent on their health status, you have the flexibility in deciding every aspect of the plan.

HDFC Easy Health can help you take care of your ageing parents in a manner that they deserve. Invest in HDFC Easy Health today and enjoy its benefits!

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