Why you must consider investing in cancer care?

Cancer is a dreaded disease that is taking away the lives of many people every year. As per statistics recorded in 2017, a whopping 2.5 million people have been livingwith this disease. Nearly 7 lakh new cases are registered every year and that brings us close to the death toll that has been increasing year after year and it is only bound to increase in the near future. The induction of harmful chemical agents in the food we consume, the harsh pollutants present in the air we breathe, the unhealthy use of plastics, and many other factors have increased the rate of cancer occurrences in people.

Rapid advancements and milestones have been achieved in curing cancer today, yet the common man finds the treatment costs highly unbearable and totally out of his reach. It is these parameters plus the unpredictable nature of the disease that weighs down to call for a systematic approach in handling an unexpected cancer occurrence or deal with an already existing threat. Here are some of the reasons why one needs to invest early in cancer care and be prepared for the risks associated with them:

1. The disease is becoming increasingly common :

Cancer was a rare sight several decades ago. Today, it has taken the place of a common disease and is talked about widely in all health forums and discussions. Statistics reveal that in India, cancer deaths are increasing at an alarming rate calling for an early detection and screening of the disease followed by preventive steps and right treatment.

2. Unpredictable nature of the disease :

It has been noted that in most cases, detection of cancerhappens only in the advanced and later stages of the disease. At such stages, any kind of treatment provided may turn out to be futile. So the chances of unpredictable turns and twists during the course of the treatment become undesirable to patients suffering from the disease. Secondary and tertiary complications add additional risks to the already suffering victim and escalate treatment costs accordingly.

3. Expensive treatments and medications :

If we have a look at the medicines and treatment expenses of a cancer patient, we are sure to get dizzy. The treatments are so expensive that they can wipe out savings made for a lifetime, leaving the person with very little means to continue further treatments. Huge hospital bills run up to several lakhs and continued treatment entirely depends on the timely payment of bills.

4. Dependents of cancer affected patients bear the financial brunt :

Families of affected persons bear the maximum brunt of looking after the patient, arranging for finances to serve treatment costs and other related expenses. When an earning member of the family is affected by the disease, it creates a deep impact on the regular income the family gains, thus creating a terrible financial crisis. Smart investments in health policies could go a long way in dealing with the financial side of the problem.

5. Availability of specific medical insurance policies for cancer :

There are many specific health insurance policies that provide cancer cover exclusively. One must research well on the schemes available together with the risk factors and choose the right policy. Low and middle-income families should especially look out for cancer cover schemes to escape from the financial clutches in case of an unfavorable situation.

The government should enable facilities for cancer treatment at affordable costs and work towards enhancing detection methods in the first stage itself, so that prevention of the disease could be brought about. After researching well on the various policies on offer, one could buy a relevant one to provide cover to himself and his family against the deadly disease.

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