Why it is never too early to invest in health insurance

Why it is never too early to invest in health insurance

Health insurance is a must-have. Whether you are just starting your career or are considering investing in health insurance on behalf of your child, it truly is never too early to start. This is mainly because good health is not correlated to your age and illnesses can strike at any time, draining your funds, peace of mind, and physical strength all at once.

Here are some reasons why the sooner you invest in health insurance, the better for you and your family:

1. Pollution levels are on the rise


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If you live in a tier 1 city, or even tier 2 for that matter, it’s no secret that pollution levels, particularly air pollution, are on the rise continually. Each passing year seems worse than the last, and that cough that rattles in your chest every winter seems to come back with a vengeance. With dust, smog, and chemicals laced in the air you breathe, your lungs are more vulnerable to damage than they were years ago. This means that a child playing games outside in the park can be more susceptible to asthma and bronchitis than you were when you used to play outside. Therefore, keeping that in mind, it certainly is never too early to invest in health insurance for your child, no matter how young he/she is.

2. Competition in the job market is fiercer


Competition Galore
When your parents were working, the competition in the market was not as fierce and they were able to secure great jobs and sort out their lives without too much tension on their plates. Now, however, practically everyone you meet has an MBA or more, and are still struggling to find good jobs, or at least hold on to them (because competition within organizations is just as fierce as the competition to get into them). This means you’re more likely to multitask, take on additional projects and initiatives for your team or organization, and put in longer hours whether at home or in the office itself. More and more people in their 30s are falling prey to serious health problems like cervical spondylosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, depression, and so on. Therefore, even if you feel like you’re just at the brink of your career and it’s far too early in the day for you to think about health insurance, you must reconsider that notion and evaluate a few policies available to you.

3. Lifestyles have become more fast-paced


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It is not only our jobs that are fast-paced now, it is also our lifestyles. We do expect certain luxuries and certain types of adventures and sadly, although our lives may fulfil us emotionally, the way we live them can often damage our health. Heart disease is one of the leading killers in India, followed by cancer, and both, to a large extent, are more likely to develop due to lifestyle choices (and, of course, genetics). Therefore, investing in health insurance while you are still ‘healthy’ can help protect you from the risks that may lie in the future.

4. Premium rates are more affordable for the youth


Premium rates on insurance
Finally, premium rates when it comes to health insurance tend to be a tad bit more affordable for younger policyholders as they are still considered to be in the prime of their health. Once you begin to develop serious health issues, companies are less likely to insure you for the same. Therefore, it’s always more prudent to get a jump on matters and make sure that you’ve invested in health insurance before you even need it.

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