How Holidays Can Help you LIVE LONGER, be HEALTHIER and HAPPIER!

How Holidays Can Help you LIVE LONGER, be HEALTHIER and HAPPIER!

Who doesn’t love a good vacation? Every time we feel the cumulative effects of stress piling up, we end up dreaming about idyllic vacation spots. We picture ourselves lying on pristine white beaches surrounded by the bluest water or envision ourselves trekking through the hills. There’s a reason why our minds instantly conjure up these images.

Holidays make us happier, healthier, and can even make us live longer. Here are some reasons why:

1. Holidays reduce stress

Let’s begin with your mind. When you are stressed out or under a lot of pressure at work or at home, your mind is continually buzzing. With a lot of stress comes a lot of adrenaline, as your body sometimes goes into fight or flight mode. Constantly being in this state can be really bad for you, as it does not allow your mind to rest. Think of it as having too many cups of strong coffee and feeling jittery all the time. Holiday’s allow your mind to slow down. When your environment is serene (or simply different from the norm) your mind relaxes. Everyone is looking for ways to reduce stress and going on a holiday is definitely one of the best ways to do so.

2. Holidays make you more productive

Many people, especially those that have specific career goals to achieve within a set time frame, often choose not to go on holidays because they have ‘too much work’. However, working continuously without a break leads to lower productivity. You may find yourself taking longer to complete tasks that normally don’t take you so much time. You may even find your thought process frequently getting clogged. When you go on a holiday, it’s like resetting your brain. When you come back, you’re more relaxed and filled with more energy, which lets you up your productivity easily.

3. Holidays improve your sleep pattern

Not sleeping for a full 7-8 hours is a common problem when it comes to many working professionals. Some even choose to boast about it at work, as if lack of sleep is an indicator of hard work. However, nothing is more harmful to your body than not sleeping well. You need a break every day, physically and mentally, and that’s what sleep gives you. Insufficient sleep can lead to many health problems in the future. When you go on a holiday, it resets your sleep pattern as you are not functioning on your office timeline. This means fewer late nights, lesser work related stress, and not to mention the fact that you’re surrounded by a new environment. All of this contributes to easier and more fitful sleep.

4. Holidays help prevent heart disease

Another huge advantage of going on regular vacations is that it helps prevent heart disease. Stress can lead to high blood pressure, which can negatively affect the way your cardiovascular system functions. By indulging in regular vacations, you can reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

5. Holidays give you something to look forward to

Whether your social calendar is packed with events or you only like to go out on the weekend, it doesn’t take away the psychological benefits of having things to look forward to in the future. While certain things like eventual marriage, children, career goals, and so on can be fairly intangible since they are far off, holidays that are planned and scheduled in your year can give you something to hold on to. Even if you are having a few hard weeks, you can always console yourself with the idea of your future vacation. This can help prevent you from developing anxiety disorders or even depression.

No matter what your expectations in life are, it is essential to take out time for your health. A great way to protect it is to invest in health insurance so that you can live your life without worries.

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