Why you should have a Happiness Calendar

The transitional years of a couple’s life comes in their 30s when the weight of responsibility keeps increasing. Be it because of your hectic business, , professional commitments or kids taking up most of your time, the connection seems to be lost and the relationship loses its spark. This is worsened when you are not able to give sufficient time and attention to your relationship. Here is a list of things that you must take care of and give your wife to lead a happy and stable life.

Make the Hours Ours

The early years of adulthood and middle age brings a ton of responsibilities. The demands of a blossoming family and the needs of the aging parents come hand in hand during this phase and require your attention simultaneously. Your wife becomes your biggest support in this phase and silently sacrifices her valuable time with you for meeting all the needs.

Happiness Mantra

Make up for this by taking her out on a date or plan a holiday so that she gets to relax for some time. Find out where she wants to go for a lazy Sunday breakfast.

She Tops the List
You should always remember that she prioritized you above her life, identity and even the family that raised her. She has left behind everyone and has walked into your life with a warm smile. Often a wife gives up her career to take care of the home and the family.

Why Fear when I am Here?

She is responsible for giving shape and character to your family. A woman having insecurities cannot make a family feel secure. She requires physical, emotional and financial securities. Assure her of these and you will definitely have healthy and happy family life.

Happiness Mantra

Secure her position in the family by making her a part owner of your home and also your joint account holder. These will keep her away from being exploited if you are not around. Make her your nominee for a good life insurance plan so that she can maintain the same lifestyle for herself and your children, incase of an unforeseen event.

What’s up in her life?

There could be a number of things happening in your wife’s life that she chooses to hide behind her smile. An annoying boss, an indecent passerby, complaints from your son’s teacher or even a nagging toothache- it could be anything. Communicating with her is essential.

Surprise Surprise!

Convey your emotions

Absolutely nothing shall make her happier than being surprised. It does not need to be a fancy birthday party where everyone screams ‘surprise’ the minute she walks into the room, it could be something as simple as serving her breakfast in bed.

Happiness Mantra

Transcend into a homemaker and wear an apron instead of your business attire to give her a memorable and relaxed weekend.

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