What your child deserves from you!

What your child deserves from you!

As a parent, your top priority is always going to be the safety and security of your child. Along with that, your child’s happiness and sense of self-worth are equally important.  A child who is loved and cherished is often confident and happy, while a child that is always admonished is often insecure and unsure of how to be. These issues don’t just stay stagnant in childhood but grow into adulthood and shape the kind of adults your children will grow up to be and determine their relationships with others.

In order to help your children grow into responsible and happy adults, here are some things you need to keep in mind regarding what they deserve from you:

1. Support

Feeling like you are supported no matter what is one of the most reassuring feelings in the world. Your child should have the freedom to express his or her own individuality and should be able to dream in any direction. Even when your child grows old enough to for his/her actions to leave lasting impacts, you must offer your counsel in a manner that is supportive, as opposed to dismissive, angry, or crushing. After all, not allowing your child to make mistakes will lead to an adult that cannot make decisions on their own.

2. Love

Many people are not entirely comfortable with articulating their love for one another. You may love your child with all your heart but because you don’t say it often enough, there’s no way for your child to know. Children who feel loved are often happier and have fewer issues than children who feel their parents don’t love them. No child should feel unwanted. Make sure that you always let your kids know how much you love them.

3. Time

Another essential thing that we often miss out on considering is our time. Sure, you are busy ensuring that your family has a great future and fantastic lifestyle, and all of that takes a ton of hard work. No one is denying the legitimacy of your timelines. However, it is essential to spend some time with your child and get to know him/her. Let your kid know that you are there for him. If nothing else, schedule some time on the weekend just for this. Trust us, a step like this that may seem rather small is highly significant. It can impact your child’s self-esteem positively.

4. Wisdom

As a parent, you have seen more of life than your child has. When your child makes mistakes or chooses paths that are incorrect, give them your wisdom with honesty, rather than just scolding them for their choices. Sometimes the impact of explaining something through personal experiences can be more effective than just yelling at someone to stop doing what they are doing. This is even more relevant when your children enter their teens and are likely to stray down tumultuous paths. Remember your own youth when teaching them the difference between right and wrong.

5. Planning

By setting aside funds in high ROI options such as ULIPs, you can ensure that your children can pursue any dream their want without the hindrance of a lack of funds. Being able to seek your passion and learn from life is something that cannot be matched. By allowing them to do so, you are ensuring that they grow into adults who value the idea of saving and can also be proud of their careers and dreams.

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