What the air pollution in Delhi (smog) means for your child’s health!

What the air pollution in Delhi (smog) means for your child's health!

Coming back to home with ha thin layer of dust on the skin and a continuous tingling in the noseand throat is not anymore a breaking news for a Delhite. Delhiite’s daily routine. Every year when the smog gathers up in Delhi’s air, we complain about the troubles our kids go through due to smog. . However, as soon as the smog clears up in a week or so and the breathing conditions become a little tolerable, we forget about it and continue with our daily chores.

Ever wondered about the long term damage the smog might be causing us and our children?

Respiratory Problems



You have been teaching your children all their lives to not be an active or a passive smoker. You have taught them well about the harmful effects it has on one’s throat, lungs, and basically the whole body. Do you think that’s enough to protect them from respiratory diseases? Due to the harmful chemicals in the smog, your child may often complain about nausea, headache, chest pain, wheezing, dry throat etc. Try and install a good quality air purifier in your house. At least the air inside your house will not harm your children or you.

Weakening of Immune System


The Delhi smog, which is full of Nitrogen Oxides, Sulphur Oxides, Carbon Monoxides, and many other harmful chemicals, damages the immune system of your child, which is still in the developmental stage leading to ill-health and various bacterial and viral infections in the short-term and long-term!

Difficulty while doing Physical Activities



Your child may complain of breathlessness while running, walking or cycling for short distances, and even while climbing a flight of stairs. Do not let him/her exercise in the early morning or late evening. That’s the time a huge amount of smog is ready to harm your child. His diet should be filled with fresh fruits, well-cooked vegetables, lentils etc. Packed food must be avoided as much as possible.

Weakening of the Reproductive System

Most organs of a child are in the development stage. The reproductive system might get seriously harmed by the chemicals, which come along with the air we breathe and cause grave situations in the future. If the quality of air we breathe is not in our hands, we can at least take care of what we eat. Make sure that your child follows a healthy and nutritious diet and does not eat outside frequently. Also, ensure that he/she maintains good personal hygiene and the personal belongings like bed sheet, clothes etc. are always clean and washed well.

We need to remember these things to realise the amount of damage smog is causing to all of us. Our responsibility does not end here. We also have to make our little contributions in controlling this level of air pollution. All of us are aware about the little things that we as individuals can do but we seldom end up doing it. It is not just the responsibility of the Government but ours as well. So, next time when you go to the nearby market, instead of taking your car, walk. For the sake of your child, maybe? Most importantly, prevention is better than cure, so protect your child’s health by taking the precautions detailed above and safeguard your financial health by investing in a solid health insurance plan that offers comprehensive protection across various diseases, conditions, and illnesses. Smog or not- a health insurance is vital in today’s day and age for your child, yourself and all your loved ones.

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