Ways You Can Practice Body Positivity Everyday !

Ways You Can Practice Body Positivity Everyday

Being body positive is not everybody’s cup of tea. Body fitness has often been related to a slim body. However, that is not the kind of body everyone is born with. Instagram, Facebook and social media as a whole, constantly feature glamorous pictures of slim, curvy, tall and muscular personalities, thereby invoking you to hanker for such appearances.

Being body positive is the act of accepting the way you are and that acceptance should be a matter of choice and self-love. Those pictures in social media may influence you but the truth is something else. The perfect picture is edited and airbrushed vigourously and that after clicking several shots of the person under layers of makeup. Therefore, the concept of an ideal body is a problematic one. Developing a negative perception about your body can take a toll on your mind and pocket leaving you stressed out.

Therefore, if you think it is high time you felt confident about yourself and the way you look and thus set an example for others, then read on to find ways in which you can be a warrior fighting for body positivity.

Easy Ways You Can Practice Body Positivity Everyday!

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 1. Practice Self-Love

Practising self-love is one of the best ways to show yourself respect. Do not do things you do not love like spending hours in the gym if you find that painful, boycotting desserts if it hurts your soul. Once you start practising self-love, you would be more conscious about staying healthy but not at the cost of hurting yourself. Do not punish yourself or cringe for a slim body just because you are not being able to find a suitor for yourself or your “friends” are making fun of you. Get rid of the societal notion that people with slender physique, fair and glowing skin are the blessed ones. You are blessed in your own unique and that is more than enough.

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2.  Get Rid Of Under-Sized Clothes

If your clothes have started making you feel stuffed inside them, if you observe your love handles bulging out of your clothes or if they simply make you look fat, change your clothing size. The sizes of clothes have been created by every brand to fit and complement every body type. So, get rid of all those clothes that make you feel uncomfortable. This will make you feel a lot better.

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3. Shop For Trendy Loose Fitting Dresses

So, after you have cleaned your wardrobe, get set shop! Treat yourself to new clothes. Shop online; shop offline; shop for loose fitting t-shirts to pair with tight-fitting jeans, buy shorts that fit you, dresses that are now your size. Do not keep counting. The society is obsessed with numbers. The size or number of your jeans, of your lingerie, of your t-shirt, number of hours you exercise, number of calories you burn and so on. Do not stress yourself and confuse your mind with so many numbers. Take things easy. Just try to buy clothes that fit you and make yourself happy.

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4. Eat Soul-Soothing Foods

Stop being too hard on yourself! Stop eating only boiled foods, only salads and stop keeping track of the calories that you take in and burn every day if that does not make you happy. It is perfectly alright to have your favourite chocolate or dessert or a slice of cheese-burst pizza to pamper your soul. People have never achieved anything by pushing their mind, soul or body to the edge of discomfort. The happier you are the more efficient you will be.

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5.  Buy A Health Insurance

Once you have started practising self-love, you would eventually understand self-worth. You will realise that no matter how much you try to be healthy diseases can be inevitable. So, be body positive more confidently by buying a health insurance. A health insurance is sure to protect you during medical emergencies for both you and your family.

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 6. Join Bo-Po Communities On Social Media

This really helps. Stop following celebrities who flaunt their seemingly perfect bodies. Un-follow them and start following personalities who encourage body positivity. Join groups that help you be body positive. The more body positive you are, the more confident you will be.

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