Turning 30: How to Get Ready for the Next Decade

Turning 30: How to Get Ready for the Next Decade

Turning 30 does not just signify entering a new decade but also being at a relatively settled place in life. You are more equipped to deal with just about anything, both emotionally and financially. Many of us spend our 20s being overworked, broke and confused. Our 20s teach us lessons that enable us to live a much more hassle-free 30s. So, turning 30 should not give you the blues anymore. You can do a lot more than just reminiscing about your wrinkle-free era. So,

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let us list down tips on how to get ready for your thirties:

  1. Check what you eat

All along your effervescent twenties, you hardly cared about what you ate. But the 30s is the phase where you start paying the price for the careless fun you had in your 20s. According to a study published in the journal Circulation, 60% of young adults maintaining a healthy lifestyle reached their middle age with the lowest risk of heart disease. So, as soon as you step into your thirties, start eating healthy. Try to include more and more vegetables in your diet, eat seasonal fruits, and keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and juices. Ditch the junk snacks and switch over to dry fruits and nuts like figs, almonds, walnuts and raisins.

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  1. Make workout a habit

Health is wealth. The more you pay attention to your health, the more your health pays attention to you. A good health indeed saves a lot of money. Maintaining a good health is possible with regular exercise. For working out, you don’t always have to join a gym. You can simply start by jogging in your locality or joining a Yoga class or by simply doing Yoga at your home only.

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  1. Invest in relationships

By the time you are thirty and have actually entered adulthood, you start realising that time is a precious commodity and your near and dear ones deserve it from you. Let your teens and 20s be the bygone days when you cared only about your school and career. Your thirties should be marked with not just a thriving career but also strong relationships. Build strong relationships with your family members and take out time to see your friends. Take out time to see the elderlies like your grandmother and grandfather. If you are married and have kids, do not forget to spend quality time with your spouse and children.

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  1. Let it go

Do not let the bitter relationships of your past, arguments with your colleagues, the breakups, the hurtful words of your old friends pull you down in your thirties. Let all that baggage go by forgiving them, thereby feeling light in the process.

  1. Connect with nature

Apart from having fun in the clubs and pubs, take out time and make a conscious effort to connect with nature. Nature can give you a lot in terms of happiness. Walk on the cool dewy green grass, keep some fresh flowers in your office, meditate on your green lawn, take a casual walk along the boulevard and enjoy the chirping of the birds, the colourful butterflies flying around and the cool balmy breeze. These are enough to rejuvenate not just your body but your mind and soul too.

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  1. Invest and save

Last but not the least, take care of your finances. Try to instil discipline in your financial routine. As you enter this phase, you are expected to get wiser and you do get wiser after the experiences that you had in all those thirty years. Get serious about saving money and investing in future plans. Buy good life insurance for yourself, get a health insurance cover, get a good retirement plan and learn more about how you can multiply your money, securing your loved ones’ future simultaneously.

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