Top 5 Ways To Ensure A Better Sleep Routine

Top 5 Ways To Ensure A Better Sleep Routine

Sleep is extremely important for your overall well-being. It not only keeps you healthy but also relaxes your mind for better functioning throughout the day. Proper sleep regularly helps to heal the heart and vessels of blood. For people who suffer from lack of sleep, they are more prone to being a victim of various diseases such as heart disorders, high blood pressure, stroke, kidney disorder, and diabetes. When you get a sufficient night’s rest your mind has improved concentration, better immunity, better emotional state and you feel less inclined to snack up on unnecessary calories.

Getting a good night’s sleep is no rocket science. It all rests in your power. However, if you are someone who does not get proper sleep every night then you are probably unaware of the few tricks of the trade. Follow these five tips to the bank in on peaceful sleep routines.

Tips to sleep a peaceful at night

1. Fix a Sleep Schedule

Try to stick to a stipulated sleeping schedule- this includes going to sleep at a fixed time and waking up at a fixed time. While you are drawing up your sleep schedule, ensure that it does not exceed eight hours of sleep. It is recommended by doctors that healthy adults only require about seven hours of sleep to keep them charged for the entire day. Also, try to avoid napping during the daytime because it tends to confuse the body clock. If you do feel extremely sleepy or tired, try not to snooze for more than thirty minutes. Sleeping more than that will reduce your desire to sleep at night, thereby affecting your health.

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2. Maintain an Eating and Drinking Pattern

Pay attention to what you consume at night because it will bring you discomfort and hamper your sleep at night. Ensure that you do not go to sleep on a hungry stomach or a stomach that is too full. Eating a fatty and oily meal at night will make it difficult for your body to digest the food and might lead to gastrointestinal disorders. Keep a three to two-hour gap between your dinner and your sleep time. Also, try not to consume caffeine and alcoholic drinks at night because the effects induced by those take a long time to finally wear off, thus hampering your sleep time completely in the meanwhile.

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3. Arrange for a Cosy Environment

They say that the environment influences your mental state of being and it surely does. Before turning in for the night create the ambiance in your room that is perfect for napping. Make sure that the room is dark, cool and quiet. Abstain from exposing yourself to blue light an hour before sleep; such light is emitted by laptops, smartphones and computer monitors. Considering how connected to the world we always are these days it might be difficult for many of you out there to follow this- because you might be propelled to answer that one last email before sleeping. Easier said than done; shut yourself from the constant buzz of the world an hour before you plan to go to sleep.

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4. Include Physical Exercise

Engage in physical exercise for half an hour to one hour every day. All of you are aware of the benefits of exercising. Exercise helps keep cholesterol and chances of obesity in check; it improves immunity, your mental well-being, and all-round health. It also ensures sound slumber at night. However, never exercise and go to bed immediately. Keep a gap of three-four hours without fail because your body and mind need to cool down completely and you need to consume your meal, which further requires time to get digested.

Men and women performing aerobic exercises : Free Stock Photo5. Take Control of Your Worries

In order to sleep better at night steady your mind; take control of your worries, nail whatever is bothering you and bring peace to yourself. Try a few minutes of meditation, which will not only bring in a sense of calm but will also improve concentration and focus. However, if it is the safety and security of your loved ones that are keeping you up until late into the night, there is a solution for that too. Invest in a life insurance policy so that the disturbing thought of your family facing hardships after your untimely demise does not keep haunting you at night.

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