Things in Life you take for GRANTED! (and why you should stop RIGHT NOW!)

5-things that you will relate to if you were raised by a single parent

When you’re caught up in life’s race, it’s easy (and natural) to forget to stop and be grateful for all that you have. All of us lead busy lives filled with chaotic work schedules that spill into family time, and with all the stress of maintaining a certain lifestyle and certain reputation at work can often make us miss out on smaller, but equally vital, moments in life.

Here are some things in life that we all take for granted, and should stop doing so right now:

1. Our relationships


Love is unconditional, which is probably why after a certain time, we begin to take the ones we love for granted. After all, we believe that they will stand by us no matter what, so what’s the harm in a few late night sessions at work, or unanswered phone calls? While the fact that they may stand by you at all times be true, it doesn’t take away from the fact that taking them for granted hurts them. No one likes to feel like a second choice or like they don’t matter. So no matter how busy your schedule may be, it is important to take out some time for the ones you love and make sure they feel appreciated.

2. Our health



On a certain level, we all believe ourselves to be perfectly healthy, and indulge in multiple activities that can harm our health. But the fact remains that your health is one of the most fragile and important things you have and taking it for granted is never a good idea. No matter what your lifestyle might be, it is essential to include a few healthy activities in it. If nothing else, go for a walk every day! Another easy way to ensure nothing comes between you and your health is to invest in health insurance. This way, in case something does go wrong, you don’t have to worry about the funds and can just focus on getting better quickly.

3. Our environment



We’re all living in cities that grow more and more polluted by the day and somewhere in the back of our minds, we believe it’s okay as the top scientists or government officials are probably working on ways to fix that gaping hole in the Ozone, right? Well, they probably are, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do our part in helping out. Opting to take public transport over your own car can help reduce the pollution in the air and make it easier for you to breathe. Simple measures like recycling or using light bulbs that last longer and consumer less energy can help you do your own bit for reducing the carbon footprint you leave behind without forcing you to cramp up your lifestyle. Other measures you can take include not wasting food or water, donating resources like clothes instead of throwing them away, and just being mindful of the space you occupy on the planet and what you do with it.

4. Our privilege


. By taking our positions of power or prestige for granted, we allow ourselves to grow into ungrateful beings. The best way to counter this is to always be aware of the fact that there are countless others who don’t have even 5% of what you do have (no matter how small your own life may seem to you). It’s a good way to keep things in perspective.


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