The Odds of Getting Cancer in your 20s? (Pretty high, it turns out!)

The Odds of Getting Cancer in your 20s? (Pretty high, it turns out!)

Development has its disadvantages

India boasts a young, thriving population ready to propel the country to economic prosperity and growth. During the last decade and at present, the country is on course to becoming the fastest growing economy in the world. It is in the stage where it is gradually transitioning from a developing economy to a developed economy. However, just like all good things this comes at a price. An interesting statistic by an independent research in 2012 concluded that advanced countries tend to report higher incidence of critical illnesses including cancer.

Cancer can strike unexpectedly early

When speaking about facts, let us consider numbers. Let us take a global perspective of the case in hand. In the advanced countries of the west, as of 2012 – 2014, 50% of people diagnosed with cancer were 70 years old and above. However, the demography, which showed the highest surge in cancer rates, was within the age bracket of 0 – 25 years. Specifically in the USA, more than 60000 young adults within the ages of 20 – 39 are diagnosed with cancer every year. About 9000 young adults succumb to the disease each year.

Women more vulnerable

Between the sexes, women are found to be more likely to contract cancer compared to men. Among men, the most common sites for cancer included the prostate, colon, lungs and pharynx. Among women the same stood for the breast, ovary, lips and oral cavity.

Vital Stats

Coming back to India, based on data found between 2010 and 2012, it has been estimated that some point in their lives, 39.6 % of men and women in the country face increased likelihood of contracting cancer. Approximately 14.5-lakh citizens are presently living with the disease and over 7 lakh new cases are being diagnosed each year. Among the 5,56,400 deaths each year, about 71 percent of it occurred among people aged between 30 – 69 years.

No Smoking Please!

Tobacco usage is connected to 70% of global lung cancer and 20% of all cancer related deaths. With growing rates of tobacco usage and alcohol abuse within the young populace, it is a critical cause for alarm. The surging prevalence has reached such proportions that everyday an average of 2500 deaths can be related to tobacco and related diseases. As of 2010, smoking was responsible for 9,30,000 deaths.  Smoking is one of the primary factors taken into account in cancer care insurances.

What you should do right now!

The impact fighting cancer is not just on the physical health alone but also on the emotional and financial front. No one knows what will happen to themselves or others in the next three years, weeks or even the next day. The only thing certain is uncertainty.

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