The Most Motivational Phrases About Life And How You Can Apply Them

The Most Motivational Phrases About Life And How You Can Apply Them

Life is full of mysteries. Many great individuals have come and gone before you in the hope of figuring out the phenomenon that is ‘life’. As you might expect, this is actually a difficult if not an impossible task. Human beings only have their own experiences to draw on and thus all their theories on life would get filtered through a specific lens. This method might not spell all the various complexities of life but it does make for some fascinating phrases, idioms and quotes. The least you can do is note down these phrases and try your best to incorporate into your life in any form you can.

1. “My Mission In Life Is Not Merely To Survive, But To Thrive.” – Maya Angelou

This quote, revered by the poet/writer Maya Angelou, reflects not only the struggles she has gone through herself but a call to humankind on how best they can make the most of their life. If your life only consisted of eating and sleeping, then you would be no better than the pre-historic cave dwellers. You should take it upon yourself to commit to doing activities that bring you joy and emotional fulfilment instead of merely surviving day after day. To thrive is to grow and make steady progress; doing the same thing, every day would only send you down into monotony.

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2. “Keep Your Face Always Toward The Sunshine, And Shadows Will Fall Behind You.” – Walt Whitman

This quote by Walt Whitman conveys a feeling of positivity that all humans should imbibe in every action. Life is full of obstacles at every corner but it is essential that you impel yourself to turn to the sunshine, to a feeling of optimism so that you can draw the strength to overcome those obstacles. The shadow is merely a by-product of the power of the sunshine: the darkness or the negativity is to be expected every time you experience happiness, so you must choose the light today, tomorrow and always.

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3. “I Destroy My Enemies When I Make Them My Friends.”– Abraham Lincoln

As someone who was able to mobilize his troops into defeating their fellow citizens during a civil war, Abraham Lincoln had a wise thing or two to say about how you should treat your opponents. In any given setting, you will encounter dissidents, rivals and individuals who show hostility towards you. The key is not to antagonize them further by reacting to their negativity similarly —you must respond with kindness and compassion. You must perceive them as you would yourself, so you can relate to them on the basis of your mutual ambitions as well as weaknesses. Thus you will be able to befriend them and neutralize the animosity.

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4. “Always Keep Your Eyes Open. Keep Watching. Because Whatever You See Can Inspire You.”— Grace Coddington

This goes out to all the individuals who are struggling to make their time on this earth matter. For as much as you wish to conquer your challenges, sometimes you may lack that extra push to be able to go ahead and do it. Thus, you need to regard all sensations around you with a watchful eye— the things you see and the people you encounter could prove to be valuable in extending to you that little bit of motivation you crave. It is not a matter of creativity, rather how you respond to what you see all around.

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5. “As Far As The Laws Of Mathematics Refer To Reality, They Are Not Certain; And As Far As They Are Certain, They Do Not Refer To Reality.” —Albert Einstein

If you are going to take anyone’s word, let it be Albert Einstein. By incorporating the basic principles of science into the complex experiences that humans go through, he was able to simplify many of the dilemmas that plague so many individuals at any given time. However, even the most brilliant scientist of the recent era admits that you can never be certain of the future or anything in life, not mathematically, not practically. Therefore, you will need to stay prepared for all possibilities and subsequently take necessary measures to mitigate the uncertainty. Insurance of all forms including health, life and term insurance will provide you with flexibility and relief during the times of crisis. Uncertainty is what humans have to live with, so you better stay ahead of the consequences.

Some of these phrases may apply to your development while some of these may not. However, there is no harm to explore what they mean to you. There are no fixed solutions to the difficulties in life, but it is also essential to know that you are not alone in this.

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