The 4 biggest HEALTH RISKS for Indian middle-class men in their 30s

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Everyone wants to believe they are invincible, that illnesses and ailments won’t get to them as easily as they might seem to affect other people and they have enough time to start taking care of their own body. While thinking you are perfectly fine can help you get through quite a few issues, there are always risks to your life that might just be slowly building up without you knowing too much about them. As a successful professional, you are used to a fast paced lifestyle and in all the stress of your work and trying to maintain a good balance between your work life and your personal life, you tend to ignore yourself. Especially after having crossed your 30s, you need to be extra careful with your health since your body isn’t what it used to be. It doesn’t have the same metabolism, the same flexibility and even the same recovery times. Here are the 4 biggest health risks that professionals such as yourself are exposed to in their 30s.

Biggest HEALTH RISKS for Indian middle-class men in their 30s

1. Cardiovascular Diseases

This is the one big health risk that everyone seems to put off to old age or specific medical conditions. That is one of the biggest mistakes one can make. Long working hours, unhealthy eating habits and so many more factors can contribute to cardiovascular diseases, and thinking that these things can happen only after a certain age is a terrible fallacy. According to recent studies, more than 70% of Indian men between the ages 30 and 40 are at risk of heart attacks. Add to that the pressures of your work and the day to day stress that comes with it, you might be at a substantial risk of a cardiovascular disease and should start taking steps right away to build a healthier lifestyle.

2. Diabetes

India is one of the leading countries when it comes to the number of men suffering from diabetes. A sedentary lifestyle of shuttling just between your office and home exposes you further to the risk of diabetes. Add to that the regular diets every Indian tends to follow, laced with fats, carbs, and sugar, and the risk grows considerably. To avoid exposing yourself to diabetes, you should seriously start taking steps towards a more active lifestyle, with at least some time every day dedicated to exercising or any physical activity that you enjoy. Apart from that, do make changes to your dietary patterns. It will not only help you improve your health, it will also help you perform better at work.

4. Hypertension

There are many health risks that your body is exposed to as you grow older, with hypertension being one of the major ones. As a professional in your 30s, you surely enjoy going out and spending time with your family and can obviously afford to spend the money eating out. While it may be a lot of fun, regularly eating out could just be causing a serious disorder like hypertension. Other reasons for hypertension include a stressful schedule and an inactive lifestyle, all of which you probably can identify with and should take concrete steps to avoid.

4. Depression

Men generally tend to keep your feelings to themselves and that makes it even more difficult to recognize depression in men. Things not going your way at work, maybe some tensions in your personal life or just not being satisfied with the life you are leading at the moment, or even just a chemical imbalance- there can be a number of reasons for you slipping into depression- and coming out of it is not always easy. If you find yourself being too aggressive, constantly feeling sad or going into a shell and not communicating with anyone, chances are you are suffering from depression and should seek professional help ASAP.

While you are at it, also be sure to invest in a smart insurance plan to provide the best lifestyle to your family even if you’re ill-equipped to do so for a health reason or some other factor outside your control.

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