Signs You Are In A Relationship With Your Phone

Signs You Are In A Relationship With Your Phone

Ah, the device of the 21st century– your Smartphone! Whether you like it or not, you just cannot deny the fact that you have already given it complete possession of your life and time. It might go with you to parties. It might be the last thing you saw before sleep. It might also the thing that helped you deal with your breakup. Have you ever wondered if you were in a relationship with it?

Just check the signs below to find out:

 Friends? Nah. Phone? Yeah.

Be it at parties, weddings or family gatherings you are fiddling with your phone. Never mind the fact that you last met your neighbour 3 years ago. If you have your phone, you are definitely busy with it. And before you realise, you are backing out of social meet-ups or worse, you are not being called to any because of your unsocial behaviour. Do you think this is a definite sign you are in love? Right you are!

Person Holding Midnight Black Samsung Galaxy S8 Turn on Near Macbook Pro

 Come Back To Bed, Honey.

Do you spend an hour at the least with your phone in bed? Are the blue lights blinking into your eyes long after the day is done? Are you staying awake even though everyone else has gone to bed? After you wake up, are notifications what you see instead of the view from the window? This is what being in a relationship ideally looks and feels like.

Person Using Laptop Computer during Daytime

 Show Me The Money.

We have all been there. It is the end of the month, and suddenly we are paying for our phone bills with food money. This is no surprise, really. You tend to splurge on the things you love, and your phone is no different. However, do you remember the last time you went out with your human significant other? Bought them a new pair of shoes for their birthday, or spent bucks on a trek together? If the answer is no, you are putting your money where your mouth is– into the relationship with your phone.

Three Person Holding Smartphones

Got A Moment?

Time is the most precious resource in the whole wide world. Spending the majority of your time of the day on your phone signals you are in love. However, that means you are not giving enough love to your body. This addiction causes eye defects, neck pain and shooting stress levels that is enough for you to consider buying a health insurance policy for your later years.

Woman, Sitting, Counter, Phone, Smartphone, Female

In this world, finding a partner can be a big sense of support. So what if it is not always human? Nobody said the world had to be perfect. Sometimes you find love with your phone, or you suspect you do. After all, you spend a quarter of your day daily with it. There is no room for confusion. The signs above are just enough to confirm that you are indeed in a relationship with your phone.

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