Senior Citizen Travel Insurance – Benefits, Exclusions, Plans & FAQs!

Senior citizen travel Insurance - FAQ

Retirement is the last and final stage of your professional life and once you retire, you can finally relax and enjoy the sunset years of your life. People normally retire at the age of 60, but retirement does not mean that you stop living your life and spend the rest of your years in following a monotonous routine.

senior citizen travel insurance
One way to beat monotony and boredom is travel. You can go on vacations with your spouse, meet up with your children and even go on a solo trip and tick off all the points from your travel bucket list you made when you were younger. However, life and luck can sometimes be very uncertain, so it is always a good idea to be practical, plan everything ahead, and get a senior citizen travel insurance so that you can be safe and secure in case you face problems while you are travelling.

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What can a Senior Citizen Travel Insurance policy offer you?

senior citizen travel insurance

Senior citizen travel insurance is the sort of insurance policy that safeguards you while you are travelling in India or abroad. This type of insurance policy shields you against several risks such as:

– Delay in the disbursement of claims
– Cancellation of flights and delay in flights
– Medical emergencies/ accidents
– In case you misplace or lose your passport or luggage
– Home robbery cover
– Emergency monetary aid
– Distress compensation in case of hijacking
– Emergency financial help in case of theft of luggage
– Personal liability coverage
– Medical treatment expenses including unexpected medical evacuation costs.

Exclusions in a Senior Citizen Travel Insurance policy

senior citizen travel insurance

However, there are several exclusions which you should be aware of when you decide to invest in a senior citizen travel insurance policy and they are as follows:

– Medical expenses in case of mental illnesses, stress, depression, suicide, self-harm wounds, sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse, and alcohol abuse.
– In case you lose your luggage or if your luggage is stolen and you don’t report it to the police, then your expenses won’t be covered.
– Pre-existing medical conditions will not be treated until and unless it poses a threat to your life.
– If you choose to travel despite your doctor prohibiting you from doing so, then the medical expenses won’t be covered.
– In case you are going abroad for medical treatment, then the senior citizen travel insurance policy won’t cover those expenses.
– Travelling to an area ravaged by war or violence won’t fall under the purview of the travel insurance policy.

Benefits of opting for a Senior Citizen Travel Insurance policy

senior citizen travel insurance

You travel when you seek to relax and invigorate yourself, but what can make it ten times better is if you travel without stress and apprehension. A travel insurance policy can help you do that. Some of the benefits of investing in a senior citizen travel insurance plan are as follows:

– Unexpected medical emergencies:

Senior citizens are more susceptible to medical emergencies because of old age, your body tends to weaken and you start to experience many complications. When you choose to travel, it is important that you take into account medical emergencies. If you have a senior citizen travel insurance, it will make sure that all your necessary medical expenses are covered and you will be able to get the best treatment possible.

– Foreign help:

In case you are travelling abroad and you lose your luggage, that can be very inconvenient for you and if you do not know the language then that will just make matters worse for you. As a senior citizen, it can be incredibly frustrating to go through something like this and feel lost. Your baggage is your most important belonging when you travel so you have to make sure that you take care of it. If by any chance you lose your belongings and you do not know what to do, you can fall back on your travel insurance policy that will reimburse you for your losses.

– Foreign currency coverage

One of the greatest benefits that you can get from a senior travel insurance policy is that you would have to pay the premiums in Indian currency but the coverage that you will get will be in foreign currency. For example, Indian insurance companies offer a cover of $20,000 but the premium is around just Rs. 2000! The rupee is always fluctuating and its value is becoming dangerously unpredictable with every passing day and more so now that the rupee has hit an all-time low! So naturally, it is a smart decision to invest in a travel insurance policy in case something goes wrong.

– Flight delays and cancellations

In certain situations and due to various reasons such as bad weather, technical problems and turbulence flights are delayed and sometimes even cancelled altogether. These hassles can be very inconvenient and annoying for aged people as they may not know what to do and how to arrange the necessary money for another plane ticket. Travel insurance makes sure that you are secured against such delays and cancellations so that you are able to enjoy your holiday without any hitch.

– Travel insurance is compulsory:

If you are planning an international trip make sure that you do proper research because in some foreign countries, having a travel insurance is compulsory and non-negotiable such as in the United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Cuba and Schengen countries located in Central Europe. Without a travel insurance, you won’t be allowed to enter these countries so make sure that you have one handy.

– Personal liability coverage

While you are travelling not everything can be under your control. If you get involved with any kind of accident that causes physical harm to someone or their personal property then your insurance policy can take care of all the financial liabilities and obligations without any monetary loss on your side.

How can you choose the perfect Senior Citizen Travel Insurance plan for yourself?

senior citizen travel insurance

Before going for a senior citizen travel insurance plan, try to make sure that you keep the following pointers in mind:

– Coverage:

When you are planning to invest in senior citizen travel insurance, be aware of the fact that different travel insurances give different types of coverage. So try to evaluate as many as you can before deciding which one to invest in.

– Destination:

Different countries have different healthcare rates, so your policy’s premiums might vary a lot and so your premium and coverage have to be adjusted as per the same. Make sure that you do proper research before zeroing on the correct travel insurance policy.

– Periodic travel:

If you are a frequent traveller, then going for a multi-trip plan is the best option for you.

– Sum assured:

Make sure you compare quite a few travel insurance policies before going for one because sometimes the sum insured can be quite high which means that the premiums will also be very high. Shelling out some extra cash for a secure travel insurance is not a bad idea but spending all your money on it and ultimately not being able to travel definitely is!

– Bank reputation:

There might be certain banks you will trust more than the others because you deal with them more frequently and that has helped you be more comfortable with them. A bank’s reputation also matters a lot in this matter, so opt for a travel insurance policy from a bank you trust and have dealt with before.

– Medical tests:

Some insurance providers may ask you to go for medical tests and some may not but it is a practical idea to get all your necessary medical tests done. This will make sure that none of your claims is rejected. Moreover, plans which make medical tests mandatory are better for the long run because it ensures that you get proper reimbursements when required.

– Renewal of policy:

A few insurance providers tend to not renew the policy if you make a claim during a policy period. Therefore, what you can do is you can apply for the long-term policy and that is going to ensure that you do not lose the additional covers in case such a situation arises.

– Pre-existent conditions:

In case you have any pre-existing medical conditions, remember to make sure that you include them in your policy. Because if you don’t, then your insurance provider will most likely not reimburse any medical costs due to any health problems incurred by you in a foreign country. In addition, some insurance plans offer very limited security for grave illnesses. Before opting for a travel insurance plan to see whether the coverage it is providing is enough to cover your entire medical treatment abroad.

– Extra benefits:

Check whether your insurance provider is giving you benefits such as automatic policy extensions, overseas medical help, online renewal, cashless claims, and hospitalization and easy claims process as these benefits can protect you from many inconvenient situations in case you encounter any.

How do you file for a Senior Citizen Travel Insurance claim?

senior citizen travel insurance

Filing for an insurance claim can be an annoying and anxious affair and something you may not look forward to. However, if you don’t do this, then you won’t be able to get the reimbursement for all the trouble you went through. However, every cloud has a silver lining; a good insurance provider will always make sure the process of claim filing is as smooth and easy as possible for you. So if you find yourself in a position where you need to file an insurance claim, the following steps will help make the process very convenient for you:

– Get in touch with your insurance provider:

Every insurance company has a customer care service and phone number to help you with all sorts of insurance-related issues. When it is time for you to file for a travel insurance claim, give a call on the customer care phone number provided on your insurance documents or on the website. The customer care executive will help you through the whole process and make sure that you get your insurance claim. An alternate method is to email your insurance provider with all the details of your policy number and queries and let them handle everything from there.

– Keep all the necessary and important documents handy

Have all your important and necessary documents ready so that you can send them immediately by fax or e-mail when your insurance provider asks for them. Some other things such as the immigration stamp, passport, bills, receipts, claim forms, and police reports also have to be sent. Your insurance provider may also have all your important documents saved up in the database and this will save you the hassles and inconvenience of finding and sending the documents yourself. In case he does not have them, he will mention specifically which documents are needed to file the claim.

– Get swift assistance

Once you have sent all the required forms and documents across to your insurance provider, he will hand over your case to an insurance professional. The insurance professional will study your case thoroughly and start working on processing your claim accordingly. After he is done, you will get your sum assured as per the policy guidelines and situation that you are in.

Sernior Citizen Travel Insurance Providers/Companies

Travel insurance is something that is incredibly important and necessary when it comes to travelling. It makes sure that you can travel stress-free and without any hassles by providing you with coverage from a lot of potential risks especially when you are a senior citizen. Even though your age should not stop you from travelling but it is also a legitimate fact that old people or senior citizens are prone to medical emergencies. In addition, if they are travelling alone, it might be very tough for them to handle everything on their own. These days, more and more people are shifting out of their homes and settling down in other cities for studies and marriage, making it necessary for their parents to travel across the country and the world to meet them. Having a senior citizen travel insurance gives you that peace of mind that you and your needs would be taken care of in case any financial issues arise. So go ahead and get that travel insurance now and make the most of your sunset years!

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance FAQs

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