Secrets to a Happy Arranged Marriage!

Secrets to a Happy Arranged Marriage!

Many people, across the world, are not at all comfortable with the concept of an arranged marriage wherein you marry a stranger. However, in India, families and well-wishers arrange more than 85% of marriages and the divorce rate is a minuscule 1.3%. While one may argue a number of toxic social factors are the real reasons driving the low divorce and separation rates, you have to agree India has a great deal of successful arranged marriages in the true sense of the term. Therefore, fret not as the girl chosen by your parents may turn out to be the girl of your dreams. While marriages are made in heaven, you and your spouse are bound to go through some difficulties initially in your marriage, particularly because you two are still strangers. The good news is that if you imbibe some following advice, you may find it easier to make your arranged marriage work.

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Do not Judge a Book by Its Cover

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You and your wife have come from entirely different backgrounds to build a life together. She is just as nervous and confused as you are. So, do not take a seemingly rude remark of hers to heart and instead try to understand where it came from in the first place. Find out how she perceives things you consider important and be as inclusive as you can be. Conflicting point of views may not be the end of the world; on the contrary, they may open new horizons for both of you, enrich you two, as a couple, and lead to a strong bond nurtured by understanding.

Spend Quality Time in Each Other’s Company

Try to engage in activities that will make you two warm up to each other. Rather than just watching the TV show trending on social media, both of you can cook a scrumptious meal together and share it, because there is no stronger bond than the love for food. You can play a few rounds of Scrabble and tweak the game romantically. Learn to be comfortable at home in other’s company as that will make you two discover different shades in each other.

Understand Your Spouse’s Interests

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You must pay enough attention to comprehend her likes and dislikes as it can be the driving factor behind a happy marriage. Since you are not yet fully acquainted with your wife, try to find out the type of music that she likes as that always speaks volumes about a person. Find out about the type of books she likes, whether she prefers crime dramas to autobiographies, whether she would be at a jazz concert rather than partying like crazy and even something as simple as going to a beach or the mountains. The effort that you make in understanding your spouse will definitely strengthen your bond.

Be Patient

Patience is the key to the success of an arranged marriage. You probably will not fall in love at first sight. In addition, even after marriage, there might be a void between you and your spouse, as you two are typically strangers. However, if you give it some time and try to make the relationship click, you will see that your love will only increase with each passing day. Unlike in a love marriage, you would never feel you experienced the high rush of love only in the beginning and those days would never come back again. With some patience and a few little compromises, you love will grow rapidly.

Share Your Finances

You have promised to share your lives, so why not share your finances as well. You can open a joint savings bank account or get a family health insurance plan. These will make sure that while falling in love, you two also prepare for a long and fulfilling life together.

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