Positive lessons you can learn from movie Villains! They’re not ALL bad!

Positive lessons you can learn from movie Villains! They’re not ALL bad!

Nothing beats the satisfying defeat of a movie villain you’re all primed up to hate. It feels great when the hero emerges as the unquestionable victor. However, when it comes to movies that are great, they often inspire us to think from the point of view of the villain and we end up learning a few positive life lessons from them as well.

Here are some lessons popular villains have taught us over the years:

1. Jo Dar Gaya, Samjho Mar Gaya – Gabbar (Sholey)

Gabbar is one of the most iconic movie villains to come out of Bollywood so it’s no secret why he deserves to be on this last. Apart from making Basanti dance endlessly and famously cutting off Thakur’s arms, Gabbar had a few words of wisdom to impart as well. The iconic line, Jo dargayasamjho mar gaya, offers a very important lesson to learn: cowardice cannot get you far in life. Whether you are afraid of presenting a new idea to your boss, or worried about promotions and your position in the company all the time, all the anxiety that builds up in your mind can only harm you. You must learn to accept life the way it is so that you can meet all its challenges head on.

2. Har Ke Jeetne Walle Ko Baazigar Kehte Hai – Ajay Sharma (Baazigar)

Life is unpredictable and things are not always going to go your way. You may find that your dream job does not suit your strengths at all, or that the project you’ve worked so hard to be on has been assigned to someone else. Perhaps the business you started isn’t doing as well as you hoped, or the woman who hoped to marry just turned you down. This line from Baazigar teaches us that we must be able to rise above the negative moments we experience in life. No matter what happens, don’t get bogged down. Rise up, and win.


3. MogamboKhush Hua – Mogambo (Mr India)

For people who grew up in the 80s and 90s, MogamboKhush Hua was one of the most iconic movie dialogues. Even now, it brings back a ton of memories and a deep rooted desire to be invisible like Mr India. However, apart from just being an abstract dialogue, this line is rather important when it comes to living our lives. It is vital to take out time to be happy. Our lives are often filled with endless tasks and chores and the only thing that marks one year from another is often how old we are about to get. Taking out time for the joys of life is vital, no matter what you are doing. It is a great way to appreciate your existence.

4. Tum Kya Leke Aye TheAur Kya LekeJaoge – Kancha (Agneepath)

Although Kancha basically looked like an Indian Voldemort, he had a lot of wisdom to offer. This iconic dialogue is one of the main ones that comes to mind when you think of new age villains. Context aside, if you look at this line, it teaches us a very valuable lesson. It is important not to get too swayed by materialistic desires and possessions. After all, we come into the world empty handed and leave that way as well. Do not get too swept up in a consumeristic mind set and allow yourself to enjoy the intangible beauty that life offers.

Another important lesson that most movie villains teach us is the ability to plan ahead. Many of them often have huge plans for their futures and the things they want to achieve. A great way to plan ahead is to invest in a ULIP. This way, you can grow your funds and make sure that your dreams come true when the time is right!

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