Play My Emails Feature Added to Microsoft Outlook Android Update !

outlook - play my email

The most recent feature is Play My Emails, that seemed on the iOS edition of Outlook late last year.

A fairly self-explanatory attribute, Play My Emails essentially provides you with the capability to possess Outlook to read your own emails. This may not be helpful to everybody, but if attached with Bluetooth headphones it may be a very neat thing — and hands-free — attribute.

It is worth noting that if attached to your Bluetooth speaker, cans, or even earbuds, you will observe a pop-up which will allow you to listen to all your incoming messages. The Play My Emails attribute functions by using Microsoft’s Cortana voice helper to read back the content of the message, sender information, in addition to the time and date it was obtained.

Now rolling out to Android: Grab up what is fresh on your inbox and adjustments to your daily life with Play My Emails in Outlook –Triaging your inbox may take some time on your day so that it’s great when you’re able to listen and react to your email as you’re busy doing anything else. Allow Cortana read out of your new email messages so that you may listen hands-free, remain connected, and immediately learn if a person has made an alteration to your own calendar.

Perform My Emails also tells you if items such as calendar events and changes are updated or made. This may be a highly effective tool, particularly if you’re presently following a work-from-home version because of COVID-19.

Not only is that the read-aloud attribute able to read your emails, however. It is possible to combine your video calls or meetings in programs like Zoom, also, and you can set reminders or respond to mails using Cortana.

At the present time it does not look as if the attribute is broadly accessible. It is highly probable that in the event that you use Outlook in your own Android phone broadly, the Play My Emails attribute will probably come through a server-side upgrade.

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