Make your Money Grow as you Age!

Make your Money Grow as you Age!

If time is catching up with you and financial worries are getting on your nerves, there is still time to make amends with them! The idea is to stay focused, look forward and make sure that your money is maximised!

Key Tips:

  • It is better to be late than never! Start now!
  • Focus on savings and investments in right places.
  • Automate your savings. As soon as you get your salary or monthly payments, save first and spend later.
  • Be patient and have long-term financial commitments to reap financial rewards when you need them the most.

Now, when you are all geared up to take control of your future and financial gains, here is what you should be doing!

Work towards clearing the money you owe to people. This blocks your savings and causes a major dent. So, whether it is a credit card bill, two-wheeler loan or anything major that needs your urgent attention, just get it over with. Compound interest is a two-edged sword. It can create major gains for you, when it is in your favour otherwise, you wouldn’t want to mess with it!

  • Shift your focus

Put your money where your heart is! Whether you have kids right now or not, you need to start thinking about your family, which is right as well. Cover your family against unforeseen events and medical emergencies. Of all things, money shouldn’t be a constraint in the way of their well-being.

With family in focus, it is time to create memories with them in the form of milestones -your own house, your first car and so on. These milestones require money and should be seen as an investment and not expenditure. Your savings shouldn’t sit idle in the bank and should be growing with the right investment options.

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