Love Is Not the Only Thing That Will Keep Your Marriage Going!

Love Is Not the Only Thing That Will Keep Your Marriage Going

Most of us are often disillusioned by what we see in films and on television when it comes to visuals of happy couples. We end up coming to farfetched conclusions that such things happen on their own. However, truth be told, it is not the reality. The crux of marriage is the commitment that you make with the other, to be by their side through thick and thin. However, we often take certain things for granted over time, as is common with everything in life that we develop a sense of comfort. Therefore, if you are planning to be hitched anytime soon or have been only recently, there are certain aspects that you should keep in mind so that you are prepared because love will not be enough to sustain your marriage.
Here are some minor yet crucial things that you need to give attention to to keep your Marriage going.

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You probably read or heard about communication being a key factor for sustaining any relationship that you value in your life. Effective communication can make your marriage stronger and better as opposed to poor communication that can completely obliterate your relationship. How good are your communication and how well your partner understands you also depend a lot on the mutual connect you have. Therefore, here merely communicating will not suffice because if there is any disconnection between the two of you, you are bound to be misunderstood by your partner. If you do not like something or do like something better, communicate that to your partner, but make sure that you do it politely so that the other person does not feel bad. Saying mean things or stating a fact aggressively can damage your relationship little by little.

Trust and Be Trustworthy
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Trusting your partner and simultaneously being a person that your partner can trust is another extremely essential element in making your marriage work. Trust issues arise from not only infidelity but also from broken promises, lies, and facts kept hidden from your partner. Primarily, be a person that your partner can trust. Be honest, be frank, and do not hide things from your partner that might prove damaging in the end. An honest and sincere confession is always a better option than keeping it completely hidden under the wraps. When you are in an intimate relationship, the trust will only intensify the bond and make you feel safe and connected to the other person. In addition, this trust will need to be constantly renewed because when you are in a long-term relationship like marriage there will be times in your life when you will let your partner down.

Make them feel Loved by Doing Little Things
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Making your partner feel loved only physically is certainly not enough to sustain a marriage, a long-term affair. Show your partner that you care by doing little things to brighten up their day often if not regularly. Be compassionate; lend a patient ear to your partner when they rant their frustrations at the end of the day. Take turns to do the daily dishes, daily laundry and so on. Highlight the good points as opposed to always criticising them in front of other family members and friends. Also, never take for granted you will always be around; you never know when an accident can occur to you which could have fatal results. Take their future security and financial protection into account and invest in a good life insurance policy as soon as possible.

Take Time Out To Appreciate
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Often in a long-term relationship or marriage, we end up taking our partners for granted. That is wrong. You need to understand the other person does things for you or puts up with your eccentricities, mood swings and other kinds of dislikeable behaviour because they love you and not because they are entitled to. Appreciate their efforts; however big or small they may be, by saying simple things like ‘Thank You’. Moreover, on other days complement their appearance and show gratitude for their support. In addition, giving your partner a rose or a box of chocolate coupled with an ‘I Love You’ note from time to time could work wonders too!

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