Life Insurance: A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed!

A friend is a person you rely on. Someone outside the family with whom you have a strong bond. The person you call at 3 am when your life is falling apart and you don’t know what to do. Someone you call on an idle Tuesday afternoon simply because you’re bored and just want to pass the time. Essentially, a friend is someone who is vital to your happiness. So is life insurance.

Life insurance isn’t just a policy, it is your best friend. Here’s why:


1. You can trust it


Your best friend probably knows all the things about you that make you flinch. He/she has a detailed memory of the time you had way too much tequila and decided the dinner table was the IDEAL dance floor, or the time when you were a hormone-ridden teenager with acne the size of Jupiter. What’s more important is the fact that you can trust your friend with these details. You can also trust your life insurance policy. Life insurance is a policy that you can place not only your money in, but also the futures of your loved ones. That is the ultimate act of trust.

2. You can depend on it


When was the last time you were in the middle of a crisis and your best friend dropped everything and came rushing to your side? That feeling of being able to depend on something is unmatched. With life insurance, you can depend on the fact that it will cover all your needs and the needs of your family in a crisis. Therefore, no matter what life throws at you, your new best friend, insurance, will be equipped to help your family handle it. Certain life insurance policies provide a cover for various unfortunate circumstances such as death, disability, and disease. They are dependable with a capital D!

3. It is a good listener


Have you ever woken up after a nap to find over a hundred messages from your best friend who needs to vent? Being a good listener is an integral part of any friendship. Your life insurance policy can be a good listener too. Many insurance policies are flexible and can “listen” to your needs and adapt accordingly. For instance, certain life insurance policies grow with you and give you the option to increase your cover as you hit key milestones in life.

4. It allows us to see the lighter side of life


Friends must lift each other’s spirits. Everyone has their own journey in life and no one wants to be around someone who functions as a constant downer. Good friends let each other escape their woes by simply engaging in a good time together. Life insurance, in this sense, is your best friend too. By letting you provide a means of assurance when it comes to the safety and financial security of your family, life insurance allows you to worry less about their futures, and focus more on the present. When you are not continually plagued by your woes and worries, you can have a great time, which ultimately is the best way to enrich your life and will it to the fullest.

5. It’s not a fair weather friend


In life, you meet many people and call them your friends. Often, you also meet “friends” who disappear the minute things go downhill. The friends that stand by you at your lowest are ones to value and cherish forever. Life insurance is there for you, no matter what unfortunate circumstance comes your way.


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