Let Science Tell You How Being Single Will Make You More Healthy

Let Science Tell You How Being Single Will Make You More Healthy

There is a lot of stigma in society about being single; you are thought of as alone, miserable, unlikeable and oftentimes, a burden. You must already know that this is not the case. Being single is so much more than any of these above-mentioned traits. Only you can decide what being single means to you. However, you should also take time to note down why being single might actually be a good thing for your mental and physical wellbeing. Whether you are single by choice or by compulsion, you should not feel like you are missing something or that you are incomplete by any means. So, turn to science to be aware of why the state of being single is healthier for you now.

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Wanna know the reasons?

 1. You, Will, Save More Money

A relationship may occasionally make you feel like a million bucks but you cannot forget that it also costs the same to please your partner in many cases. By principle, you should be sharing your costs equally but you may be noticing that the scales begin tipping in one direction more often than not. Now, compare that to being single; you might be bearing your expenses yourself but at least you are in control of how your money is being distributed. You do not have to feel compelled to purchase a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates or other perishable goods in the name of a romantic moment. You are only providing for yourself, thus you will be financially healthier.

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2. You, Will, Be Less Self-Conscious

Finding romantic partners often proves to be a very self-critical process. You are made to assess yourself and then subsequently undergo many changes just so that you can fit into an ideal body or personality type. It is one thing to want to change certain physical or behavioral traits for self-improvement but a completely different thing to decide to transform your essential features just to impress someone else. Validation can be a dangerous drug—you tend to develop unhealthy practices just to present yourself in a certain way. Relationships do not necessarily have to lead to body image issues but people are always known to push themselves too hard in such situations. Being single rids you of the aesthetic pressures- you will be the only one left to impress.

 3. You, Will, Have a Stronger Network

When you are with one person, you tend to focus all your attention and energy on their needs and desires. Sometimes it is unintentional as they take up such a significant part of your life, sometimes it is very much intentional and you may be prone to forgetting other crucial components of your life such as family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances. Risking everything on one endeavor is indeed an unwise idea—you need a support system, not just one person for absorbing all your tension. Thus, being single will enable you to reach out to all those you may have ignored otherwise. You will be able to rely on them for emotional support and vice versa. Social scientists report that people who have a large circle of non-romantic relationships are happier than those who do not- just goes to show that there exist other vital relationships beside the basic romantic one.

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4. You, Will, Have More Time for Your Goals

This almost goes without saying. Romantic partners do not just readjust your schedule but also your ambitions. This does not necessarily have to be a bad thing but being single will let you think for yourself and organize your life as per what will work for you the best. Thus you can take the time to plan out your future. For example, you could look to getting health insurance for yourself and your family. You could even pursue investment opportunities such as ULIP so you can safeguard your finances in the future.

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At the end of the day, being single will afford you a sense of independence and freedom that you might not experience otherwise. These aspects are crucial to your emotional development, so you better make your singlehood worth it. Taking the time to learn about yourself is often the method of finding love.

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