Let Go Of These 5 Regrets With These Useful Tips

Let Go Of These 5 Regrets With These Useful Tips

Do you ever lay tossing and turning sides at night remembering moments from your past that you wish to forget? Do you ever stand in the shower and reimagine a conversation or interaction that you wish could have gone differently? Or hope you could travel back in time to stop yourself from doing something or do something you hadn’t done? Many of us must have felt this way at least once in our lives.

Here are some of the most common regrets and some tips on how you can overcome them with ease

1. Not Telling The Truth

Looking back on our life, we might be surprised by the number of lies we may have actually told. Many of these lies are told not out of malice but are white lies told to maybe protect the feelings of someone we care about or save ourselves from a potentially sticky situation. But intense regret can arise from lies which have caused harm to someone else or which bear heavy on our conscience.

One way to overcome this regret is to realise that we are not alone in this behaviour, nor does it make us a bad person unless we continue to do the same thing even after realising the pitfalls. Thus, the first step towards overcoming this regret is to forgive ourselves. Further, we can apologise to those who have been hurt by our actions.

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2. Small Mistakes, Big Consequences

Humans make mistakes; hence, all of us go through the day committing perhaps several tiny mistakes. These may seem inconsequential and most of the time go unnoticed, but sometimes these small mistakes on our part can have far-reaching consequences, ones which we could not have foreseen.  Perhaps you let your intoxicated friend borrow your car in an emergency but it ends up getting into an accident, or perhaps you accidentally eat something without checking its ingredients while being allergic to peanuts. Times like these could lead to severe consequences and could cause intense regret later on in life.

To overcome such regrets, we must prepare ourselves better for all possible outcomes, since it is almost impossible to completely eliminate the chance of committing any mistake. For example – you could get insurance for your car to protect yourself from the repercussions of an accident or any other kind of damage. Or, as in the second instance above, having a comprehensive health insurance could help us immensely in emergency situations such as these.

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3. Losing Or Misplacing Things

A lot of us have undergone the regret associated with losing something important, be it our debit card, our car keys or a valued gift. Often losing or misplacing something fills us with guilt and we tend to think about it over and over again, about the “what if’s” and “if only’s”. This can disrupt our daily lives since we are too busy thinking about what we have lost to focus on what we have. Hence, to overcome this we must accept the losses and try to move on from them. We can mourn or grieve the loss of things dear to us, but we have to understand the importance of letting go.

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4. Not Taking Risks

Most of the things we do in life involve some degree of risk, but there are situations in which the stakes are higher or which may require us to take bigger risks than usual. The uncertainty of the possible outcomes can many a time lead us to play it safe and not engage in bigger risks. This not just reduces the possibility of negative outcomes but also diminishes the possibility of greater rewards. Hence, many people reflect back on life to times where they could have taken a leap of faith and engaged in the big risk – big reward situation instead of playing it safe.

This is a situation that is nearly universal, and hence we must remember not to be too hard on ourselves and to learn to accept what has happened since it cannot be changed now. We can also do something about it if possible. If there is an opportunity to set things right, we should utilise it.

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 5 Not Spending Enough Time With The Right People

In this fast-paced world, people can become so busy with their work that we can forget to spend quality time with those who matter to us. We become too focussed on ourselves and tend to ignore the needs of others around us, and this can become the source of major regret later on in life.

Hence, we must realise this before it’s too late and take appropriate action to include those who care about us in our lives instead of alienating them. We should start making time for our families and friends, even if it seems too late to do so.

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Facing your regrets can thus be a daunting task, but it can also be quite rewarding. Accepting our mistakes and learning to move on from them can lead to a much more positive and productive life and to immense personal growth.

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