Joined a new job? Do this 1 thing INSTANTLY!

Joined a new job? Do this 1 thing INSTANTLY!

Before the honeymoon period is over…

Your initials are on the offer letter. Your family including your significant other is ecstatic. The celebratory toasts have been made. The first few weeks have been exciting as you comfortably settle in your role less some initial frictions. Now you are some days away from receiving your first pay – check. It might be tempting to go hit the pub with your friends, buy those music speakers, or plan that vacation for your first long weekend that you had been considering for a long time. There are many temptations that this consumer– centric economy presents in a silver platter. Our wants are unlimited. Month in and out you could be left for wanting one thing or the other. It is just natural. Yet, think again. What would you do in case an uncertain event comes your way?

Seriously, think…

What if you lost your job? Or met with a terrible accident. What if your loved ones fall into any kind of financial distress? It is important to account for unexpected events. This is where financial planning comes into play. The very first part of which is to have a firm understanding of your incomes and expenses. Managing your income helps you understand how much money you need for monthly expenditures, savings and paying taxes. If building long-term wealth is your goal, personal finance is the day-to-day details that are going to make the big picture possible. So if your estimations are done, if you have cut down on your expenses and you have a nifty amount of money at the end of each month, the question is what do you do with it?

Simplicity is key…

The simple answer is to invest.
Unfortunately, many people are in the dark about investments. That is so because they do not understand the nature of the products in which they invest. Many people are of the notion that saving money in the bank is a good option. What they fail to comprehend is the eroding effects of inflation on their savings. At present times, even financial professionals find it hard to invest in stable instruments. There are a complex set of variables, which work in tandem to generate returns. As such, it becomes very difficult for the non – professional to go ahead with a definite financial plan sifting through the multitude of financial jargons.

Tap into Multitasking Products…

Higher Returns

For such individuals or entities, availing a Unit Linked Insurance plan (ULIPs) is a comfortable option. ULIPs are a combination of insurance and investments which provides the policyholder with risk cover with an option to invest in any number of select instruments like stocks, mutual funds and bonds. It is sort of like hitting two birds with one stone. And of course getting them both.

So, here’s why should you get this instantly…

In a Unit Linked Insurance Plan, the investments made are subject to capital markets risk. This risk is borne by the policyholder according to his/her risk appetite. What’s more is that unit linked insurance plans offers a variety of options customized for your needs integrating the investment and protection part in one single plan. Be it that you are planning for your marriage, saving for your child’s future education, or retirement fund or for any investment purposes the plan can be customized according to your needs.

ULIPs are suited for individuals who wish to track their investment portfolios closely with a defined short term to medium investment horizon. With varying risk profiles, an individual is able to proportionately diversify among equity and debt component from zero to 100 percent. With flexibility to switch between investment plans according to changing needs, it is an efficient option for both the risk averse and strong risk taking individual.

Think on it, but act FAST!

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