How HDFC Click 2 Invest helps you stay positive no matter what!

A sound mind lies in a sound body! This is true even with your investments. When you have milestones planned at different intervals of your life, you need to take care of financial overhauls while making maintaining a positive outlook. For that, you should enjoy flexibility in your investments. Your plan should also allow you to withdraw money if you need to. Certainly enough, you need a savior at times of crisis and HDFC Click 2 Invest is your best friend to rely on. Look into your milestones; plan a road map so that you are able to fulfill your goals. Your financial plans should give you saving options without adding a burden. Streamline your assets in such a way that you only have a positive feeling about your investments and confidence to take on any given challenge:

Choose from a range of 8 fund options

Based on your risk tolerances, you can choose from a good set of 8 options. Risk factors can’t be ruled out when your plan is market driven. But you can minimize risk by choosing the right fund for your investment.

HDFC Click 2 Invest Provides Settlement options at your will

If you are in need of a huge asset at maturity time, you can choose to claim the total sum assured that is dependent on the NAV on the maturity date. If you think you can draw your asset over the next five years in periodic intervals, you can do that as well. Ultimately, it’s upon you to decide. When you can choose your own maturity time, there’s really nothing to lose your positivity over!

Grab partial withdrawals to meet unexpected challenges

Every year you are allowed 4 free partial withdrawals in case you need a sudden rush of money. Conditions are applicable in such cases and beyond the prescribed limit; you will have to pay up the prescribed charges. When you know you can access your funds at any time, you can remain stress free. This will help you stay positive in life no matter what.

Switch from one fund to another based on fund performance

If you have been paying premiums for a certain fund allocation in your portfolio, but are unhappy with the performance, don’t worry. You have the option to switch between funds based on their performance.  4 such fund redirections are totally free.

Policy term options vary from 5 to 20 years

If a lock in period in a policy is so high such that it doesn’t allow you to take back your money at required intervals, then you have reasons to raise your eyebrows. 5 years is the bare minimum lock in period for your money with HDFC Click 2 Invest. The longer you stay in the market, the more you earn. The more choices you earn in terms of fund switch over and better control to monitor your fund performance. In case you wish to opt out after 5 years, you can always do so.

With many great aspects in your investment portfolio, you can remain positive about meeting your financial goals without worry. The flexibility involved in partial withdrawals allows you to take care of unexpected cost overruns.

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