Having a baby after 35? Cover your risks!

Having a baby after 35? Cover your risks!

Age ceases to be just a number, especially for women when they take their first step towards motherhood in their late 30s.  Even for men, it isn’t easy fathering a baby when ideally everybody expects them to have it all mapped out much earlier – vis-à-vis their peers, counterparts and friends.  However, it doesn’t mean that it is a dreadful thing to do or think about. It is just that you need to straighten it out at your end rather quickly to cover up the time. This helps to make your future look as bright, beautiful and shiny you have expected it to be.

Here’s how you can maximise the good things in your future!

Make arrangements for health

For your health

Your OB-GYN has might have warned you against the health risks that bearing a kid in the late years carry. Thanks to all medical advancements, you have nothing to worry about and most women in their late 30s have healthy babies. However, it never harms to stay in touch with reality. Cover yourself and your family against health issues so that nothing puts a dent in your finances later on.

Make arrangements for your future

For future

The time is running out and hence, it is better that you keep working in the direction of meeting your financial goals so that your family is covered and secured, even when there is no dedicated source of income for you!

Make arrangements for your kid’s future

For your kid's future

Your kid sure has an advantage over others. His father is well-educated and financially-sound. Same goes for his mother. His early years are definitely going to be smoother and easier. However, keeping the inflation and rising costs of education in mind, it is better to stay prepared for your kid’s education, marriage and overall future. Investing in a dedicated child plan always helps to keep you on the better side.

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