Give Up These Morning Habits To Have A Happier Day

Give Up These Morning Habits To Have A Happier Day

When you watch a movie or an advertisement you admire how the stars get up in the morning, make a hot cup of coffee or tea slowly, without needing to rush and lazily lounge on the verandah with the day’s newspaper and a smile on their face- and you think damn, wish I had mornings like that. Instead, you reflect upon how your mornings are anything but quaint; you are usually late in getting up, don’t know what to wear, don’t have time to read the newspapers, don’t have time for breakfast, are somehow managing to put your jeans on while thinking about what you are forgetting and then rush to catch your morning bus because you are late to work, again! And then, you feel terrible about yourself for the rest of the day because you were unable to make a fresh start for the fifth time this week.

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But rest assured that perfect mornings are achievable. They only require a little effort from you. Once you have nailed this, you will not only have an enjoyable morning but a positive day on the whole. Because, as we all know, the morning shows the day. So, here are some habits that you need to give up right away to achieve the perfect mornings that you think about.

Tips for the healthy morning routine

 1.  Stop Getting Up Really Late

Getting up really late in the morning is something that most of you out there is a victim too. While some of you prefer working or studying late into nights, others strictly abide by early bedtime routine. When you stay up late into the night you are automatically inclined to getting up late in the morning. While you do not necessarily have to get up at 5 in the morning, getting up too late, that is crossing the 9 or 10 o’clock line might make you feel drowsy and uncomfortable throughout the day. So, ensure that you get at least 6 hours of sleep every day and try to get up by eight in the morning in order for your mind and body to function at optimum levels.

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2.  Don’t Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a habit that most people in the modern age end up adopting because they hanker for time. People think that skipping breakfast and eating a heavy lunch instead is something that will make up for the lack in the morning. According to proper scientific research, opting out of a healthy or wholesome breakfast will cause your energy levels to falter, resultantly for which you will find yourself snacking up on more calories throughout the day because you will constantly feel hungry. This is very damaging for your health and also your mental well-being. No matter how late you are, find time to have a healthy breakfast in either small or big portion. If it helps you can prepare your breakfast meal or keep it ready in the fridge the night before, so you can just heat it up in the morning.

fruit berry sweet bowl dish meal food produce fresh breakfast milk healthy dessert cuisine dairy product spoon oatmeal strawberry snowflake cereal yoghurt granola yogurt berries nutrition raspberries fruits vegetarian food diet dairy brunch blackberries muesli breakfast cereal oats frozen yogurt cereal bowl3. Don’t Dwell On Negativities

Dwelling on negative thoughts in the morning or getting into fights with other people could actually turn your mood sour for the rest of the day. Once you are up, try to focus on the good things in your life; for example, give your partner and kids hugs and kisses, cuddle your pets (if you have any). Do not turn on your cell phone the moment you are up. Instead, make a list of the things you wish to get done by the end of the day. Also, do not ponder on fatalistic thoughts- no one knows what turn life can take in the next few minutes. So take precautions and secure the future and well-being of your beloved family members by investing in worthwhile life insurance. Remember your mental health will not only determine how you interact with those around you but also affect the productivity of your work.

Affirmations, Appreciations, Positivity4.  Don’t Forget To Stretch

Don’t just get up in the morning and run to your work. Take some time out to stretch, do some free-hand exercises or go for a quick run. Even doing meditation or yoga is greatly helpful. Stretching in the morning aids in the circulation of blood to all your muscles and fuels you with energy. It strengthens your back and boosts flexibility.

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