Get Rid Of These 8 Bad Habits To Save Your Relationship!

Get Rid Of These 8 Bad Habits To Save Your Relationship

Sustaining a relationship has forever been an extremely delicate and taxing affair. A relationship takes months and years to build and only a few minutes to break off. We often end up doing things not realizing the extent of the damage it might cause on the other person. We take people’s feelings for granted. In the long run, this starts to cause a strain on your relationship until the time when you both finally drift apart from each other. If you feel that the relationship that you have is precious to you and you do not want to give it up, here is an article to help you salvage what you still can.

Get Rid Of These 8 Bad Habits To Save Your Relationship!

 1. Do Not Always Be In Each Other’s Face

While it is a good thing to spend couple time together, spending too much time in each other’s company can, in the long run, makes you feel annoyed about the other person. Take time out to spend time with your own family and friends, so that you miss each other’s presence from time to time.

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 2. Check Yourself Before Projecting

Often times when you get angry and find yourself saying bad things, you are 97% of the times only projecting yourself onto the other person. Stop and take a few seconds to think through what you are about to say. Self-reflection is key to understanding each other better.

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3. Do Not Text But Talk

In the current scenario of the digital world rarely do we get the opportunity or the time to talk to friends and family over the phone. Oftentimes we resort to texting in order to make up for the time that we may lose while personally making a call. So, when it comes to important discussions always take time to sit face to face and talk instead of texting.

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4. Do Not Let Stagnancy Creep In

Another bad habit that couples often get embroiled in is that they become slaves of routine. People do not do this intentionally but this is something that happens. So, from time to time take up the initiative to break the pattern and try something new in order to keep the relationship vibrant.

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 5. Never Put Your Partner Down

This is crucial for sustaining a healthy relationship, never at any cost to put your partner down in front of people. Respect for each other is very important and without it, the relationship is bound to become foul eventually. Never say anything negative or mean that might hurt a person’s sentiments. However, if you do happen to say it accidentally or out of anger always takes note to apologize and own up for the mistake.

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6. Never Underestimate the Power of Really Looking

Have you ever taken the time to look deep down into the eyes of your partner? If you have not already now is the time to start a good habit. Just before both of you close your eyes to go off into each other’s wonderland, take a few minutes to stare deep into each other’s eyes- this forges a connection like no other.

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7. Get Rid of the Word ‘Granted’ From Your Dictionary

Another bad habit that couples often fall prey to is that they take each other for granted. Once you start doing this rest assured that your relationship is bound to go downhill from there onwards. Never take for granted that your partner is bound to do certain things because they love you. Never use their love for you to have your way. Also, never take for granted that you will always be around. You never know when something unforeseen might befall upon you- such as death. What should happen to your partner? Take some time to mull over this. Then make the right choice and invest in your life to make that of her more secure.

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8. Do Not Ignore Past Sins

Never make the mistake of bypassing or ignoring the faults that you committed in the past. Always take these wrongs in your stride, understand where you went wrong, and make a conscious choice never to repeat them again.

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