Expecting a child? Here’s all the baby prep you need!

Expecting a child? Here's all the baby prep you need!

As a parent-to-be, you’re probably over the moon about expecting a baby. Between brushing up on all the blogs on the net about good parenting, and talking to everyone you know about the health measures you should be taking, you’re probably up to your ears in information. Well, here’s something to make your life easier. We’ve got all the baby prep you’re doing to need and you’ve got a few months to sort these out. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Travel gear

Now, we’re not talking about vacations with your infant!  As a new parent, you’ll have people visiting your home, and a packed schedule filled the people you should visit too. So, to make it easy for your baby, you need a handy travel kit. Make sure your bag is sturdy because you’ll be carrying quite a lot of things. Here’s what you will need:
• A portable breast pump – because you never know when you need one!
• A fuzzy blanket to comfort your child
• Diapers (of course)
• Extra socks, booties and a woollen hat in case your baby feels cold
• Wet wipes
• Sanitizer liquid

2. Hospital gear

Be ready.

Baby prep isn’t always about what your baby needs. You also need to have a handy kit prepared for mom when it’s time for the baby to arrive. A hospital kit generally includes anything and everything the mother to be may need during or after labour. Remember, her comfort is absolutely paramount at this point so roll with all the suggestions she’s going to make about the things you should carry. Here are some things to add to your kit:
• Snacks – hospital food is generally not that tasty and your spouse will want to pack snacks that she likes (like roasted almonds. Yum.)
• Baby’s first outfit – including socks and mittens and hats because the baby will feel really cold after being born
• A nursing cover – if your spouse feels awkward nursing without one
• A music playlist to calm you down and keep you entertained – you might be in there a while!
• An outfit for after you’re done giving birth (there’s a high chance your spouse will not want to leave the hospital in the same outfit she came in in as it might be smelly)

3. Smartness gear

Be smart.


All parents want their children to be smart and perceptive of the world around them. Filling your home with items that are geared towards helping your baby grow can be a great way to ensure the same from a very young age. Here are some things you should include in your smartness kit:
• A crib mobile – the movement of the mobile generally helps bring the eyesight into focus, helping the baby perceive the world around him or her better
• Classical music – Mozart makes babies smart! Really, any classical music that is light can work as it soothes your baby.
• Toys that increase mobility – you’ll need these after your baby reaches a certain age
• Toys that increase dexterity – to enable physical growth as well
• Walkers
• Learning DVDs
• Healthy baby food that provides your baby with all the nutrition it needs

4. Financial planning

Be money-wise.

Finally, an essential part of any baby prep is financial planning. By saving your funds for the future in investments like ULIPs, you can make sure that you can always provide whatever you want to for your baby with ease.

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