EXCITING and WACKY ways to spend your retirement!

EXCITING and WACKY ways to spend your retirement!

Sometimes, when we picture our retirement, we picture something that looks like the advertisements we see – long walks, all smiles, and the occasional look of love exchanged between a couple that’s known each other for years. While that might sound like the ideal plan to some people, it doesn’t have to be the only choice you have when it comes to your retirement.

Here are some exciting and wacky ways you can plan to spend your golden years when the time arrives:

1. Travel all over the world

The standard retirement age for most people is 60 and while that sounds super old to most of us, it actually isn’t. At 60, you can still have all the zeal and energy you did along with one extra ingredient that you didn’t have before: time. You can spend your retirement focussing on travelling from one end of the world to another and since you’ve already spent your life working, you can plan to stay at more luxurious resorts than you did when you were young. Languid massages, lazily floating in swimming pools, and trying out new cuisines sounds like a great way to spend your retirement.

2. Settle down in a different city

One of the biggest adventures in life is living in a place you are not familiar with. A great way to spend your retirement years would be to settle down in a new city and start a brand new chapter in your life. Buy a home in Goa and spend your days munching on seafood or buy a lovely cottage in the hills and enjoy the crisp, fresh air every morning. Getting away from the pollution and stress of a city can do wonders for your health and make your retirement even more amazing.

3. Invest in a start-up

Once you have retired from your organization, it isn’t exactly easy to get used to all the free time you suddenly find on your hands. Many people hate the thought of retirement as it makes them feel like they are not contributing to their own lives in a manner that enriches it. One of the things that you can do to make your retirement more interesting is to invest in a start-up. This way, you can continue to have some work on your hands but don’t really have to deal with the stress or pressure of making ends meet. It’s also a good way to ensure that there’s an income that’s coming your way even after you have retired.

4. Make your dreams come true!

There’s a chance that you didn’t get to make all your dreams come true when you were younger. As someone who has been focussing more on their career and ensuring that their future is impeccably planned, it is natural for you to sometimes feel like you have side lined your dreams. Did you want to learn an instrument, or open up your own café? C’mon, go ahead and fulfill them all!

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