Do you need life insurance if you are single? Find out!

The Insurance Plan for Each Stage of Your Life

One of the most common myths that surround the insurance vertical is that one doesn’t need insurance if one’s young, unmarried or in a nutshell, have no dependents. You are young and don’t consider yourself anywhere near the ‘marriageable’ age or you don’t want to give in to the social pressure because after all, it is your life and choices.

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Here’s why you need life insurance irrespective of marital status!

  • Life insurance respects and values your life by providing you with the much-needed monetary coverage for your future.

Single or married, invest!

  • Often, life insurance seems to be an extra expense especially when you don’t need to. It seems to be little ironic though that we don’t even think about spending on branded clothes, cars and entertainment, while we would think about paying only Rs. 8 daily for life insurance that can offer as comprehensive security!


Low premium on life insurance

  • Ideally, you should purchase the right life insurance when age and health are on your side. As you grow old, the odds are working against you. The right time to get life insurance is your first payday. Not only it becomes an assured component of your investment basket, but also guards your life starting from the day one! Besides, your premiums are lesser since you are considered to be in the pink of your health.


For the years to come

  • In case something happens to you, emotional damage to your next of kin is inevitable. However, you can let them face any financial trouble if you are the breadwinner in the family. Even if you don’t have a wife or kids, your parents and siblings are there to take care of you forever and you wouldn’t want to be a financial liability for them in case of a medical emergency or in an extremely unfortunate event such as death. Even if you think that they won’t face any financial issues even if you aren’t around, it is advised to stay prepared beforehand, for, life insurance can be the only certain thing in uncertain times.


No financial trouble for your family

  • There could be love waiting to happen, just around the corner! So, why not be prepared while there is still some time!


Love is in the air

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