Diabetes is your WORST Enemy during Pregnancy

Diabetes is your WORST Enemy during Pregnancy

As a mom-to-be, you’re probably already getting acquainted with all your maternal instincts. You’re taking all your medications on time, focussing on eating healthy foods, staying positive and enjoying every second of being pregnant.

However, there are certain silent enemies that can tarnish this time and make it one filled with stress and worry. Sometimes, these enemies are out of your control. Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes that occurs in pregnant women. It can affect your pregnancy adversely and cause harm to your baby.

Here’s why you need to watch out for it:

1. It can cause hypoglycaemia

Hypoglycaemia is also known as low blood sugar. If you develop gestational diabetes, your baby can have high insulin levels in the blood stream. As a result, shortly after the infant is born, it can suffer from low blood sugar. In a baby that young, this can mean a lifetime of problems. Maintaining a strict control over your own blood sugar levels can help prevent the baby from developing low blood sugar once its born.

2. It can cause macrosomia

Macrosomia is a condition that leads to your baby growing a little too large. This happens due to the large amounts of insulin that are crossing the placenta due to gestational diabetes. If your baby grows larger than the normal range, it can cause a lot of complications during vaginal delivery, or even cause your OBGYN to rule out vaginal delivery as an option entirely. Furthermore, the birth process can even harm your child severely.

3. It can cause jaundice

Jaundice occurs when the bilirubin count in the body is not up to par. It can lead to a yellowish discolouration of the skin and the eyes and can mainly cause a ton of weakness. It is more likely that your baby will be born with jaundice if you have gestational diabetes. Although the condition can be alleviated, it can be an emotionally harrowing experience for the newborn child and the mother.
Gestational diabetes is one of those diseases that you have no control over. Maintaining the right diet and lifestyle during your pregnancy cannot always prevent this disease from occurring. There are certain factors that can make you more at risk for developing gestational diabetes. Some of these are:

1. Your age: If you are 25 years of age or older
2. Whether you have PCOD
3. If you have someone in the family with diabetes
4. Being overweight, or having a BMI of 30 or higher
5. Having a specific medical condition that can make diabetes more likely (such as glucose intolerance)
6. Certain medications can also lead to gestational diabetes
7. Having had gestational diabetes before in a previous pregnancy

As a mom, you know that you want to do all it takes to protect your child but sometimes, your best efforts can also fall short. This is why it is always important to have some kind of a safety net in place. Leading a healthy lifestyle is paramount, however, you need to couple it with plans for the scary what-ifs that play in your mind at night. Having health insurance you can rely on is one such plan. It provides you with the financial security that is needed in case something unfortunate does happen. This way, you do not have to be encumbered by your funds and can seek out the best treatments and doctors for yourself and your baby.

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