Comparison of the 3 Most Popular Financial Products in Market Today

comparison of 3 financial products

We realise the importance of your hard earned money and suggest you through the terms and conditions of any policy/scheme very carefully before signing up for it. Seek professional help wherever you need to but do not trust someone blindly and let him take all your decisions. Put some efforts; learn about the market yourself through different sources and choose wisely. After all, it is your money and nobody else wants to see it multiply more than you do.

Comparison of the 3 Most Popular Financial Products in Market Today

1. Personal Insurance

Insurance remains to be one of the essential financial plans everyone should invest in. It protects you from financial losses against your valuables. It looks after the expenses you might have to incur in case of health issues because the insufficiency of money should not let you stop yourself from getting the best medical treatment possible.

In case you buy a term policy life insurance, you can rest assured that. There are several types of insurance which you can choose according to your needs. The terms and conditions of insurance policies generally do not hold many complications and are very easy to understand. Insurance policies are a boon for you as well as your family.


ULIP is a comparatively less explored financial plan in the market. The Unit Linked Insurance Plan is an integrated plan which provides both insurance and investment under a single scheme. The amount provided by the investor is divided into two parts. One part goes towards insuring the investor and the other part is invested in financial securities like shares, bonds, debentures etc. The ratio of money that goes in both schemes is up to you. With ULIP, you also get the benefit of being able to keep a close look on the growth in your funds, unlike many other financial plans. It is a fairly safe financial plan as the probable losses from the investments are protected under the same scheme. On top of that, you enjoy full control over your money.

3. Mutual Funds

The mutual fund is an investment scheme in which the money of many different investors is pooled together and is used to invest in different securities like stocks, bonds, debentures or other financial assets. Mutual funds are managed by trained professionals who increase the efficiency as well as the probability of earning profits. However, if you are somebody who is not comfortable with handing over the control of your money in somebody else’s hands then, mutual funds are not your cup of tea. To be able to earn true profits in these funds, all the investments must flourish, which might not be the case every time. Nevertheless, there are over a 1000 mutual fund options available in the market. If you are smart enough to pick the right one according to your life goals and present needs, your money might increase multiple folds in a short period of time.

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