Are You Sure This Is Your Ideal Body Weight?

Are You Sure This Is Your Ideal Body Weight?

Fitness is an important factor in every person’s life. People who lead an active and healthy lifestyle can steer clear from most diseases and harmful medical conditions and are thus likely to live longer. One crucial aspect of fitness is the body weight and how people maintain it. Research has indicated that people with greater body mass are more likely to suffer from a plethora of life-threatening conditions compared to those who have lower body weight.

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However, the ideal weight depends from one person to the next on a number of factors. The height and stature of the person determine what their ideal body weight should be. For instance, a person with a greater height will naturally have a higher ideal weight and vice versa.

Tips to calculate your own ideal weight.

Step 1: Measure Your Height

Measure your own height or ask someone else to measure it for you. If you measure the height in feet or centimeters, convert the same into meters. Make a note of your height in meters.

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Step 2: Measure Your Weight

Next, measure your weight. Any scale can be used for the measurement, but ensure that the result is noted in kilograms.

Approximately half of the Army retirees whose height and weight were measured at medical appointments in military treatment facilities last year had a body mass index that classified them as obese.

Step 3: Get Ready With A Calculator

The calculator will be useful for this part. In the calculator, enter your weight in kilograms and divide it with the height multiplied by it. For instance, if you weigh 70 kilograms and your height is 1.6 meters, the calculation should be 70/1.6×1.6 or 70/2.56. The result, in this case, is 27.34.

This is known as the Body Mass Index (BMI) and should be kept below 23 and above 18. If your weight is within this range, then you do not need to lose or gain weight. Here are some ways to maintain your ideal body weight, which you can follow to stay fit and healthy.

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Tips to maintain your ideal body weight

 Eating Right

Rather than reading about different diets on the internet, you should visit a nutritionist to get a better idea of what you should eat. Get a diet chart prepared and follow this diet without fail. You will not only notice a difference in your body weight but will also see your digestion and overall health improves rapidly.

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 Sweating It Out

Regular exercise is crucial for the maintenance of proper weight. Not only does exercise help people lose weight, but it also helps those with very low body weight to pack on the pounds and reach their ideal range. You may want to get a gym membership or if you can also start running every day. Research has indicated that people who work out for 30 minutes each day, get to enjoy great health benefits. These people also have a lower risk of suffering from diabetes or cardiac diseases.

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Stop Chugging Beer And Start Drinking Water

Soda and alcoholic drinks have almost no benefits when it comes to overall health. Drinking too much beer will increase your weight and will also put too much stress on your liver. If you feel thirsty, choose water instead. Water rejuvenates the body and helps flush out the toxins from the body. Furthermore, water regulates the digestive system as well, which helps to prevent fatty deposits in the abdomen region.

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 Stay Active

While exercise is necessary, activity is also crucial. Most people sit behind a desk throughout the day at work. This reduces the metabolic rate and slows down the fat burning capacity of the body. You should instead take a break from work after every half an hour. Stretch your legs and walk around a bit to ensure that you do not gain unnecessary fats.

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However, no matter how healthy you are, it is always better to stay prepared for every eventuality with health insurance. It will ensure that you stay protected against any unforeseen disease.    


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