Are You Ready To “Settle Down”?

Are You Ready To “Settle Down”?

Take This Quiz To Know If You’re prepared For MARRIAGE!

Q1. Do you know yourself and your goals in life?
a. Yes I know it all now
b. No, I’m too young to know these things
c. Who cares
d. Yes, but I realise that things may change

Answer: D
Change is the only constant in life and whilst it’s good to feel that you know yourself well and have your goals sorted, it’s naïve to think that they may not change. Once you’ve accepted the realisation that life is a journey of self discovery, only then can you actually feel ready to take the plunge. Because marriage changes you, your life and your goals in ways you can’t even imagine right now as a single woman.

Q2. Do you consider yourself to be a mature person?
a. Yes.
b. No. Not at all.
c. Not sure.
d. How is this even important?

Answer: A
Marriage or any relationship for that matter requires a lot of compromise and maturity. Maturity to handle tricky situations; to keep your cool under tense situations, you need to learn that every argument cannot be won and that there is no harm in that. You will also have to learn to share (even if you are not the type). And you need to have a sense of idea of when to take charge and when to let go. These attributes only come with a bit of maturity and wisdom. So, it isn’t the best idea to take the plunge if you haven’t come up the curve on that front.

Q3. Are you financially stable?
a. Yes. I am.
b. No. I am not.
c. I work on and off.
d. How is that even relevant?

Answer: A
It is a reassuring feeling to know that you and your partner would be in condition to take charge and support the family should something tragic happen to either one (should you be diagnosed with a disease that prevents you from working, should you lose your job) and vice versa. The future is uncertain. No one knows what might happen even 5 minutes from now. Even a small incident like a fall and an injury to the head could lead to a tragic end like an internal haemorrhage and take away life. So, how do you ensure that the ones you love could have a chance at a happier and secured future even when you are not around? Purchasing a life insurance is one of the best ways you can ensure financial security for your loved ones.

Q4. Are you prepared to balance work life and marriage?
a. Totally prepared for it.
b. Do I have to?
c. I guess.
d. Work trumps family for me.
Answer: A

Marriage is a huge responsibility. One that becomes even more complicated if both of you are working individuals. There might be days when you return from home tired and you find your husband working on a project with a 12 am the deadline. There might be days when you have to pick up your daughter/son from school even though it was your husband’s turn to do so. You may have gotten into a huge fight with him the night before but now you must mentally train your mind to not bring that lingering anger and irritation into your work the next day. If you are someone who is adept at managing your emotions, then you are ready to settle down. Or else you may want to think thrice not just twice.

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