Are you in a love-hate relationship with yourself?

Love yourself!

Every relationship tends to be a roller coaster ride, even the one you have with yourself. If you aren’t sure, explore, read on and learn what you can do about these passive-aggressive signs!

You feel sad- most of the times.

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We all have our share of ups and downs and it is generally okay to feel cranky or low. However, if it is becoming too much of a routine or you are taking a break to just sulk in a corner, not wanting to talk to anybody for days, watch out as it can affect both personal and professional relationships. Happiness is a conscious choice until, of course, you have mastered it.

You stay safe.

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Despite being dull and gloomy, your common sense is futuristic and has never left you alone for a second. You don’t forget to share your journey details and cab driver’s number with your family.  In some situations, you have made provisions to secure your future so that when the unexpected strike, so that your family don’t have to worry about the financial part.

You can’t say ‘No.’

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You are bombarded with work and there is another request for completing an assignment within a day’s time. Your friend wants you to pick him from the opposite pole. No surprises here, you couldn’t say ‘no’ to either of them. This two-letter word can take you places if you are willing and courageous enough to use it at the right time.

You Know how to Live Experiences

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You might not indulge in retail therapy, but you don’t think twice about spending money on gaining experiences and living it large. Be it about dining in plush restaurants or vacationing with your friends or family to spend some quality time together, you don’t shy away from a new experience that has the potential to enrich your life.

You ignore that tiny voice in your head

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That, my dear friend, is your consciousness telling you, nudging you and poking you to do things right by you. To do things that you think is right, which could mean standing up for yourself or even leaving a plush yet dead-end corporate job to pursue writing, because your love lies in the latter!

Now, when you have answered and most probably, resonated with the happy parts and pain points of your personality, it is time to make amends! Enhance the lovely aspects and work on the latter so that your loved ones could meet the real and better you!

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