Are you a Caring and Protective Husband? Take this Revealing Quiz to find out- You might be shocked to know the truth!

Are you a Caring and Protective Husband? Take this Revealing Quiz to find out- You might be shocked to know the truth!

Q1. What do you do after you return home from work?

  1. Turn on the television and watch the news
  2. Pass out in bed
  3. Go to your room and continue with office-related work
  4. Talk to your wife- ask her about her day and share details about yours

Answer:  D.

Dealing with office work and other chores can be a tiring affair at the end of the day. But after you come home, it is suggested that you keep aside quality time for your wife and family. Take the time to ask her about her day and give her a chance to do the same. This will increase intimacy, help you to stay connected and show that you take interest in her daily life. And although you may not be able to ease her workload, you are still helping her a lot just by lending her a compassionate ear.Caring and Protective Husband


Q2. How much do you laugh while in each other’s company?

  1. We don’t really make each other laugh
  2. Quite Frequently! We enjoy a shared sense of humour
  3. Every now and then
  4. Why is that even important?

Answer: B.

Research on couples done for over 30 years shows that those who make each other laugh have a much more long-lasting, satisfying, and happier marriage. So if this is missing from your marriage currently, it’s a wise idea to work at it. There are a number of things you could do to ensure that the two of you laugh more frequently, together. Watch funny movies, videos and shows together. Make a conscious effort to understand her sense of humour better so you can be funnier to her. Don’t be afraid to be silly and laugh at yourself. Soon, you’ll find that it’s the lighthearted day-to-day jokes that help you forge a deeper bond as a couple.

Do you volunteer to share the burden of daily chores and responsibilities?

  1. Yes. All the time.
  2. No. Too wrapped up with my office work.
  3. I hate doing household chores.
  4. It is not a man’s job to do these things.

Answer: A

Marriage is a union of two bodies and two souls. It is a huge commitment that requires a great amount of work on the part of both the partners. Taking care of household chores is a tiring and monotonous affair. Why should only your wife have to bear the brunt of it? Whether your wife is a working individual or not, you should always volunteer to carry out household chores willingly after returning home from work. They can range from something really big like agreeing to pick up your daughter/son after dance class to getting up in the night to change the diaper of your newly born or to something really small like volunteering to set the table for dinner or to wash the dishes after your meal. This will make you a more caring partner and will guarantee more affection from your wife in return. And if you are lucky then you may also get a second helping of that delicious Gajar ka Halwa that she so lovingly made for dinner that night!

Q4. Do you treat your wife as an equal and consult her before making decisions?

  1. Of course not, I’m the breadwinner and hence sole decision-maker of the household.
  2. No, I trust my own decisions better
  3. Sometimes; I mostly take the final call even if I do consult her
  4. Of course! She is my life partner and I respect her opinions

Answer: D

Compassion and respect are essential ingredients of a marriage. If you aren’t consulting your wife in daily as well as long term matters such as chores, finances, parenting, you’re missing out on a crucial perspective, not to mention restricting her freedom and not treating her with dignity. Realize that not only are two heads better than one, but it is her right as a wife to have a role in decision-making in any matter that affects either or both of you.

Q5.  What’s your reaction when you’re stuck in traffic/doctor’s clinic/waiting anywhere together?

  1. It’s totally OK! Both of us have our phones for company!
  2. It’s inconvenient since both of us have a busy schedule ahead but at the same time it’s a welcome respite and a golden chance to spend more time in each other’s company. Besides, time flies when we are together!
  3. It’s terrible and sounds like a total disaster!
  4. Nothing could be more perfect than getting a chance to hang out together!

Answer: B

Happily married couples especially in their 20s typically should have a lot of common talking points and enjoy spending time with each other. They love each other’s company even amidst modern distractions such as mobile phones, iPads, etc. On the flipside, it isn’t healthy to be codependent on your partner for companionship and be completely consumed in each other completely.

Q6. Have you taken any measures to secure your wife’s future in case a tragic event should arise?

  1. It’s too early to think of that, I’m still in my 20s
  2. No, I’ll probably do that in my 60s or 70s
  3. Yes, I’ve planned our future wisely also considering any emergency that should arise
  4. Yes, I’ve made a will in which I’ve left everything to her- she will have to adjust with whatever is in it

Answer: C

Life can be pretty uncertain and at any point of time any tragic circumstance, such as a critical/terminal illness or a near-fatal or even fatal accident could occur. While it’s obviously not healthy to constantly live in the fear of something bad happening to us, yet, we cannot overlook this eventuality altogether and have to be realistic. We, especially those of us still in our 20s, tend to take our longevity for granted. But in reality, no one knows what might happen in the future and we should be prepared for the worst outcome possible.  Not just mentally- but also emotionally and financially. This last can be easily taken care of by exercising a bit of due diligence and responsibility – in-depth research on the best insurance plans available in the market that fit your needs can help you decide on the way forward. So that your beloved wife and family are protected even when you’re not around.

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