A PIZZA that can actually help you LOSE WEIGHT!

A PIZZA that can actually help you LOSE WEIGHT!

A new year, new goals. One of the most common New Year resolutions is to lose weight however, by the time the second week of the New Year rolls around, we’re absolutely climbing the walls with our withdrawals from our favourite foods. What if we told you that you can lose weight and still eat one of the most popular fast food options? New studies by dieticians across the world have shown that a pizza diet can help you lose weight and reach your goal weight easily!

You can either make your pizzas at home or order them from a pizza joint that offers a myriad of toppings that can be customized.

Here are a few vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizza ideas that can help (and are under 300 calories)

1. Mushroom and prosciutto

Did you think healthy pizzas wouldn’t have delicious ingredients? Think again! Prosciutto is one of the most delicious types of ham there is and can make your pizza taste amazing. The button mushrooms had a lovely juicy flavour to the pizza and the cheese (of course there’s cheese) ties in the whole thing together. If you’re not too sure about using prosciutto, you can always substitute it with low fat chicken ham or bacon bits.

2. BBQ Chicken Pizza

Here’s one that you don’t have to go to a fancy pizza place for: BBQ chicken pizza. Available at most chain restaurants, BBQ pizza is one of the most popular ones when it comes to pizzas that pack a great flavour and are loaded with chicken.

3. Easy Margarita

The margarita pizza is a classic vegetarian pizza that even non-vegetarians enjoy. If you are making it at home, use balsamic vinegar and fresh herbs to add all the flavour you need without having to load up on the calories. You can even pile on vegetables like zucchinis, red onion, or spinach for more flavour without exceeding the 300 calorie mark.

4. Shrimp, spinach and basil

This pizza is perfect for the nights when you are craving sea food. Shrimp is one of the easiest seafood to cook. You can either add whole pieces or chop them up into cubes before adding them as a topping on your pizza. Fresh spinach leaves along with fresh basil are ideal for sealing the deal. This pizza is absolutely delicious and will not make you feel guilty for reaching for that extra slice. Vegetarians can ignore the shrimp and make this a delicious spinach and basil pizza. Add some corn for extra flavour, if you like.

5. Bell Peppers and Olive

In the need for some tangy heat? Red and yellow bell peppers are absolutely ideal for that. Slice them up into cubes and add them to your pizza, along with fresh black olives. You can even add fresh parsley if you want some herbs to flavour the pizza.
6. Pepperoni Pizza
Who says you’ve got to say goodbye to your favourite pizza in favour for healthier options? By ensuring that your pepperoni pizza is made on whole wheat bread along with part-skim mozzarella, you can munch away at this classic pizza. In case you cannot find part-skim mozzarella, you can always use this pizza for your cheat meal!

Being healthy this year is far simpler than it looks. A great way to safeguard your good health is to invest in health insurance. This way, no matter what happens, you can always take care of yourself and your family!

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