8 Things ALL Wives want to hear from their Husbands!

8 Things ALL Wives want to hear from their Husbands
8 Things ALL Wives want to hear from their Husbands

The relationship between a husband and wife is considered to be the closest human relationship but a lot of effortmust be put in to see it flourish in every sense. There might be things you could be missing out on. Check out this list of 8 Things ALL Wives want to hear from their Husbands and see if how you can add more value to your relationship.

i. “I love you!”

These three magical words can never get old orboring. They can easily lift up your wife’s bad mood and put a really big smile on her beautiful face. Do not hesitate in telling her every now and then that you love her. Just showering expensive gifts on her(although not a bad idea) cannot beat the verbal declaration of your love for her.

ii. “You are beautiful.”

Thanks to the rampant distortion of what healthy or beautiful women look like in the media, women tend to have their fair share of insecurities to deal with – be it for their skin colour or body shape. Your wife is no different. You are the one person she trusts the most and needs the acceptance from. Make sure that you tell her how beautiful she is. She is perfect just the way she is and does not need to change a thing about herself.

iii. “Thank you!”

Take a moment and think about all the things that your wife has done for you, all the sacrifices she has made and all the compromises she continues to make every day. She does deserve to be thanked. Make sure she knows that you acknowledge whatever she has done and does for you. Everybody likes to be appreciated for their hard work and effort.

iv. “I will protect you.”

Protection does not necessarily mean getting into physical fights with eve teasers. It goes far beyond that. You need to protect her dreams and aspirations. You need to protect the future of your family. The best way to protect your family from future mishaps is to invest in a good life insurance plan. Such a policy will ensure that your wife and family do not face any difficulty in case of some unforeseen events.

v. “Let’s talk”

The importance of having healthy conservations with your wife, every now and then, cannot be stressed enough. Take out some time, be alone with her and just talk. Let her know about your dreams and fears. Ask her about her aspirations and ideas. Make sure that both of you are very well educated about each other and your busy life is not taking a toll on your personal relationship.

vi. “I will cook today.”

You might not be an expert at household chores but you should try. Help her with the household work. Cook for her once in a while, look after the kids’ homework, clean up that mess on the living room floor or wash the dirty clothes. Trust us – you will make her very happy with such small gestures. Also, remember that you share the house and so must share the household responsibilities as well.

vii. “Let’s go for a vacation!”

Spending some quality time with your wife and family is really important. Book a vacation to a spot where your wife can relax and let go off the stress she has to face in everyday life. Try to find out the places she has also wanted to visit and plan a holiday to that place as a surprise for her, if possible.

viii. “I am sorry!”


Say sorry if it is your fault. Nothing annoys a woman more than when her husband refuses to accept his fault and keeps framing excuses to cover it up. Just accept it. An apology (or the lack of one) can make or break your relationship.

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