7 tips that will help you select the perfect cancer policy

With the advancing medical technologies and innovations taking place around the world, one would expect that diseases would have become something curable by now. Regardless of this advancement, many diseases still bring fear to our hearts and cancer tops this list. It ranks as one of the deadliest diseases which drain your energies mentally as well as physically. The cost of chemotherapy in itself is incredibly high and as a result, many patients cannot afford the medical help needed.

With cancer advancing forward and becoming deadlier in stages, it’s essential that we follow a cancer health policy which will make our life a little stress free in such times of need.

1- Make sure the policy covers the initial stages as well


Many cancer policies do not cover the initial stages right from diagnosis which they really should considering that the financial demands of hospitals and other medications for cancer is high right from the time of diagnosis. If you’re looking for the perfect cancer policy, then the one which covers all stages: Pre-cancerous, carcinoma in-situ and early & severe stages – is the most desirable one.

2- Invest in a policy which covers your drugs as well

Several cancer policies disregard the additional costs incurred by the medications. A policy which covers the drugs needed for the treatment is desirable considering the fact that cancer medicines are extremely costly.

3- Look carefully at the age eligibility

Cancer can affect anyone anytime. Young and elderly alike are victims of this chronic disease. In such a scenario, whenever you’re opting for a cancer policy, make sure to keep your eyes upon the eligibility criteria. It’s best to choose the policy which favors both young children and adults alike.

4- Do a thorough check on the company’s background and their network hospitals

Before you settle for a particular cancer policy, run a check on the company’s reputation, their background and history, their customer relations, their claim settlement ratio and the network hospitals listed under them. If you have a physician that you prefer, then make sure that your insurance network covers that as well.

5- Know your share of costs to prevent overbuying

When it comes to a perfect cancer policy, it’s essential to opt for one whose policy term is greater. Also keep in mind that the amount you have to pay from your pocket on a regular basis should be affordable.

6- Opt for a family floater policy

Since cancer is a disease that can happen out of the blue to even the fittest of people, it’s best to opt for a family floater policy which covers all the family members. This way you can take care of the health of your partner and your children when the time comes. A family floater policy is beneficial also because of the income benefit it offers.

7- Keep the policy term in mind

Special emphasis should be laid upon the policy term offered by different companies. For instance, if the maximum term of cancer insurance is 20 years, if you buy it at the age of 40, it will mature at the age of 60. And since mostly cancer plans have the maturity age fixed at 75, this decision becomes incredibly crucial when it comes down to buying a policy.

8- Waiver on the future premiums

If the plan offers a waiver on the all the future premiums after diagnosis then it’s possibly the best one to opt for. Just keep in mind to check the stage at which the waiver is being offered.

    These few tips will certainly make your life easier by helping you choose the right cancer policy.  Research the policies thoroughly, seek consultation from people who have experience and expertise in this field and then make your decision. Give yourself and your loved ones a chance to be free from additional stress during these difficult times.

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