7 Reasons a job change is the IDEAL time to invest in health insurance!

7 Reasons a job change is the IDEAL time to invest in health insurance!

As you grow older, you’re more cognizant of all the different ways that you can save money. You’re well versed in all the reasons why you need to save money, and how you can go about it, but it’s the timing that you just can’t seem to nail. With health insurance, you’re not just making sure that you’ve got yourself and your family covered should anything happen, you’re also saving yourself the giant wad of cash you’d otherwise have to shell out. Let’s face it, healthcare – good healthcare, that is – costs a bomb and not everyone is equipped to diffuse it. However, having said that, timing is key. Don’t just rush into buying health insurance; get the right insurance at the right time. And when is the right time, you might ask? Right when you switch jobs. Here’s why:

7 Reasons a job change is the IDEAL time to invest in health insurance!

1.     Your purchasing power is much higher

Why do we change jobs? We get offered a better position, a better package, and perhaps a better role in an organization that aligns with our career goals. With a better package, you can afford to ration out more for health care and coverage, ensuring that you can afford better health care policies.

2.     You have more clout

As you gain more and more work experience, you tend to establish yourself as a reliable individual. Insurance packages often take into account your credit score and employment when you are searching for suitable certain packages and deals and the more you show yourself to be a gainfully employed person, moving up the ladder with a better salary package and position, the more likely you are to fall into the bracket for more flexible deals and benefits.

3.     You have access to programs you didn’t before

There are many health insurances that come with a few strings attached. For instance, you are less likely to be eligible for insurance packages against cancer if you’re a smoker. With a better salary package, you can afford programs that can help you lose weight, quit smoking, or engage in any other wellness programs that positively impact your lifestyle. Once you make a few tweaks in how you live your life, you may find that you have access and eligibility to more Health insurance policies than ever.

4.     You’re more likely to be retained

As you move up the hierarchy of an organization (or join at a fairly high level), organizations are more likely to do their best to retain you. In such cases, it becomes easier to find better health insurance plans, simply because your package breakdown may be more flexible.

5.     You can save money

A higher salary package often means a higher tax to be paid every year. Taxes can sometimes eat into your monthly package, making it harder to ration out money for your various needs. However, by investing in health insurance, you can enjoy a tax deduction at this point and be prepared for any health emergency.

6.     You’ve got more responsibilities on your plate

Going by the assumption that the new job you’re taking up means new responsibilities, you’re more likely to need that health insurance now more than ever. With a highly competitive job environment, employees are more inclined to work long hours, take on more projects, and even pick up some extra initiatives along the way. All this can translate to stress, bad posture, long sleepless nights, and increased strain on your eyes and brain. Getting that insurance package seems more vital now, doesn’t it?

7.     You’re in a better position to provide for your family

With a better job and package in hand, you can look at improved and more reliable and comprehensive health insurance policies that come with a slightly higher premium. After all, protecting your family is what it’s all about at the end of the day, and now you can do that without having to depend on anyone else.

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