6 Struggles Extroverts Secretly Have To Face!

6 Struggles Extroverts Secretly Have To Face!

We all have those friends – they seem the life of every party, the reason everyone is laughing, and hardly ever seem to possess any sorrows of their own. But have you ever wondered what goes through an extrovert’s mind when they are lying awake at night? That what problems plague even those seemingly invincible of people? If you would like a lowdown, just read on.

6 Struggles Extroverts Secretly Have To Face

1. Stereotypes

With the advent of social media, a number of stereotypes have taken root in people’s brains. One that is particularly damaging to extroverts’ reputations and hurtful to their hearts is the stereotype of the ‘dumb’ extrovert. According to it, people who talk more are bound to be shallow and thirsty for futile attention. Offensive, at the very least.

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 2. Too Much Responsibility!

Extroverts are burdened with a lot of social responsibility, it seems. They are always expected to be the life of the party as they are often the ones throwing parties and calling people over. People expect to have a good time, but do not realize it is not easy on the person who is playing host to all.

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3. Loneliness

This looks like a contradiction, sure, but it is not. Extroverts have it in their nature to talk; it is an emotional need of theirs as oxygen is a physical one. If unfulfilled, it can result in various complications like anxiety, stress and depression. Therefore, extroverts are not merely looking to steal the spotlight when they talk a lot.

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 4. “Too hot to handle”!

Sometimes, people just do not “get” extroverts. In a world where suppressing your feelings is trendy, extroverts are the rare breed which talks about everything on their mind. Often they end up coming on too heavy for their less expressive counterparts. Well, people – they are not trying to be intimidating, they are just saying it like it is.

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 5. You Can Never Be Down 

Extroverts always have assigned to them this role in public, that of the motivator. They are the people who are always optimistic, bubbly and talkative even when everyone is feeling the bluest blue. However, what people do not realize is that sometimes extroverts are sad too, and could do with a bit of cheering up.

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6. Burn Out.

Different people experience burn out from an excess of different things. For extroverts, it is excessive socializing. They realize that their social life is taking a toll on them and they should probably pack up and leave, but there is no going back once you are in that deep. After all, they have an entire fan base and population waiting to be inspired out there.

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Extroverts sail through life like all normal people and undergo struggles just like everyone else. It may just be that their problems are not as talked about, or as exposed for everyone to see. This might actually be stopping them from seeking out help. Talking of that, you, as the extrovert, can take steps to protect yourself against the tirades of life by purchasing a health insurance policy. That way you do not always have to seek aid from outsiders. You can be your own saviour!

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