6 Fun Things You Should Try Doing Alone This Year!

6 Fun Things You Should Try Doing Alone This Year!

Doing something fun and exciting does not always require the presence of other people. People are sometimes uncomfortable with doing things alone because they are worried about how other people will perceive them. However, attempting something new on your own can actually make you enjoy the activity even more since there will be other people to influence your decisions. Here are a few things you can try doing solo this year:

6 Fun Things You Should Try Doing Alone This Year!

 1. Go On A Trip

Going on a trip alone can sound scary but it can be quite a rewarding experience. Travelling alone can lead you to discover aspects of yourself that you never knew existed and experts say that experiencing a new place filled with new people can actually help you build better connections, more resilience and adaptability and even increase mental flexibility. You will never have to wait for others to get ready or when you are travelling alone, you can do everything that you enjoy without having to curb any wish for someone else.

However, going on a solo trip can involve a number of risks, especially when it’s a new place with unfamiliar foods and people. It is advisable that you have a good health insurance plan to fall back on in case of any medical emergencies you might find yourself in while travelling.

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2. Watch A Movie

Going to the movie theatre alone can be quite a thrilling experience because you can watch the movie without any disturbance from anyone asking you questions about the characters or giving their comments, and more importantly, you do not have to share your popcorn and cola with anyone else!

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3.  Make Yourself A Meal

Cook something for yourself when you are home alone. Cooking for yourself not only allows you to take charge of what you are putting in your food but also allows you to sharpen your creative skills and create new and unique recipes which you can later use to impress your friends and family. You might even discover a flair for cooking that you never knew you had!

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4. Dance Like No One’s Watching – Literally!

Dancing alone in your bedroom is not just something that girls do in movies after a good date, it can be a great way to relax and get a bit of exercise in the process. Dancing to your favourite music can not only relieve stress but can also provide a number of health benefits such as improving your cardiovascular capacity and body balance. Dancing by yourself, without any judgement from others can also allow your creativity to expand and improve hand-eye coordination.

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5. Go Shopping

Shopping alone, whether for new clothes or just everyday groceries, can be quite a fun experience. You can take as long as you want in the dressing room without someone nagging you about time, try on and put back as many clothes as you want and take as many dressing-room selfies as your heart desires. While grocery shopping, you can get all the things that you want without getting distracted or being instructed by others about what to get.

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6. Explore Nature

Research has found that spending time amongst nature can elevate your mood, reduce stress, increase creativity and create an overall sense of well-being. Spending time outside can also have health benefits as several Indians have a vitamin D deficiency, despite being in a tropical country. While it can be a good bonding experience to take a walk with others, spending time alone with yourself can allow you an opportunity for self-reflection and contemplation.

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Being alone thus does not have to be a bad thing. Often, it can be a very enriching and educational experience wherein you get to discover new aspects of yourself and even find out new hobbies that you never would have known were possible. It can help you become a more self-sufficient and independent individual, all the while teaching you to enjoy life to the fullest. So go out and enjoy some “me time” for yourself!


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