5-Ways to Improve your Time Management Skills !

5-Ways to Improve your Time Management Skills !

Here are 5- amazing time management tips to help you do things rather differently and make the most of your time

Do a Time Audit

Keep a track of time

This will help you understand where your time is going! You can take help of online tools or just note down the time on a piece of paper to give you a fair understanding of the allocation of time to each task. You can thus, plan your day and time accordingly by keeping the time-consuming tasks later for the day and pushing other tasks further on your timeline.

Keep Reminders

Set a reminder

Everybody tends to forget a few things now and then but there isn’t a way you can make machines, software and the system understand that. Hence, it is better to put the ‘reminder’ icon on your phone to a good use! Feed and save your insurance payments, DTH bills, broadband bills and important tasks here and create a monthly reminder! Bid goodbye to the late payment anxieties and endless calls to customer care for waiving the late payment surcharges!


Stay on the top of thing

Depending on whether you are a morning person or night owl, keep your important and urgent tasks for the time when you are the most attentive and charged up! If you are sluggish in the morning, there is no point in dragging things along you and doing them half-heartedly with only your eyes being awake!

  • Sleep Properly

If you have been compromising your sleep thinking it might eat into your time, you can never be more wrong! Sleep is a very important function that restores the body system and revitalises it. When your body is getting proper sleep, it becomes more efficient and energetic and resultantly, you are attentive and achieve more.

Don’t wait up!

Why wait?

Instead, make use of the time when you are waiting! Organise your email, respond to the texts and emails or type the first draft of your blog! You would be surprised at the progress you make if you start utilising the time when you are asked to wait!

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