5 Ways In Which Sonam Kapoor Beat Her PCOS And How You Can Too!

5 Ways In Which Sonam Kapoor Beat Her PCOS And How You Can Too

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is a condition that alters a woman’s hormonal balance. It is a common condition, almost 8 out of every 10 women are affected globally. Some of the biggest stars of the glamour and entertainment industry have been a victim of PCOS, battled it and have come out unscathed.

One such celebrity is Sonam Kapoor, a fashionista and an actress who has been praised for her offbeat roles in Bollywood. She is known to be vocal about her opinions as well as her flaws. She has never shied from talking in public forums about how she once had facial hair all over – a symptom of PCOS, was tremendously fat and was according to her in every way unglamorous as possible she could imagine herself to be. But if Sonam Kapoor could fight all that and walk down the red carpet at Cannes in an Elie Saab Gown with her head held high in the face of adversities, so can you.

Not Sure of the effective ways to tackle your PCOS condition, here is a concise list to get you started.

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Bask in the Goodness of Basil

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It will be useful to state at the outset that there is no permanent cure for PCOS. With certain lifestyle and dietary changes, you can restrict it from wreaking havoc on your hormones and keep it under control. Basil is an ingredient that can be found across kitchens or the corner of your garden for that matter. Basil is imbued with anti-androgenic compounds that aid in both maintaining insulin levels and facilitating weight loss. Revered in India as the sacred Tulsi, this little plant comes packed with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help you deal with PCOS.

A Fishy Business

This is a well-known fact that fish oil or omega-3 fatty acid is extremely good for health. It helps lower the androgen levels as well as better your sensitivity to insulin. This is important because hormonal imbalance occurs in PCOS due to the fact that there is a sudden rise in androgens, which are male hormones in the woman’s body. This leads to excess facial hair growth, difficulty conceiving due to fluctuating menstrual cycles and recurring cysts in the ovaries. Thereby, consuming foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids or taking fish oil supplements helps balance these male hormones. Fish oil can also reduce inflammation.

Exercise Your Way to Better Health

Exercising is key to maintaining good health irrespective of any other factors. When it comes to PCOS, exercising will better your ovulation frequency, will help reduce weight faster, improve sensitivity to insulin, lower your cholesterol and make you more cheerful on the whole. You can consider going for a jog or run in the morning for an hour if you are short of time and enthusiasm. But if you are not, then you can opt for taking a membership at your local gym or yoga centre.

While you have taken time to look after yourself for a change, you might as well consider investing in a health insurance policy as well. At the end of the day, you should remember your ‘health is the greatest wealth’ that you have. Without it you are nothing. A smart choice made today, especially when it comes to health, will ensure you reap the dividends later. As PCOS is a fairly long-term condition that you have to live with, your insurance plan will take care of all your hospital and other medical costs.

Let Go of Gluten

Women suffering from PCOS should kick out gluten from their daily diet as soon as possible. Once you do it you will notice that you feel less bloated or less prone to suffering from constipation or diarrhoea. Women with PCOS are always found to be gluten intolerant because consuming gluten causes inflammation that affects insulin resistance. Avoid gluten-laden food items for a month and notice the marked difference in your health and your mood.

Consume Cinnamon

Another commonplace ingredient that you can easily source from your kitchen is cinnamon. These wondrous aromatic sticks not only enhance the flavour of any dish that they are added to but also work positively health wise. They lower insulin resistance and better the fluctuating menstrual cycle. If you are having it in powder form, then two spoonfuls of it is all you need, mixed with your morning cup of water or as a part of your breakfast oatmeal. Also, available in supplement form, this is a simple yet effective ingredient for tackling your PCOS.  

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