5 Tips To Follow If You Are Always Late!

5 Tips To Follow If You Are Always Late!

Being chronically late is a habit that most of us suffer from unwittingly. However, some people might think it cool because of the much-hyped term ‘fashionably late’ that has become a common lingua franca amongst people these days. But believe us when we emphasize on the point that being fashionably late is anything but fashionable.-If continued on a regular basis it can actually speak quite lowly of yourself and people, both friends and employers will highly judge your ethics. This will hamper the rate and chances of success in your life, in any field. While it is understandable that it is not always possible to be on time or even arrive well ahead of time for that matter- it is, however, important that you follow certain tricks of the trade in order to make an attempt to do away with your chronic lateness pattern.

Listed below are five top suggestions that you can follow in order to bring about a change in your life.

5 Tips To Follow If You Are Always Late!

1. Call It A Night Early

Sleeping early is the best way to avoid getting up late in the morning. The more you delay your sleep schedule the more drowsy you are bound to feel later in the morning, not to mention staying up late results in bad dietary habits and causes excessive weight gain. However, if you find yourself incapable of sleeping early because of probably the nature of your employment which might propel you to get home late every day or to be more prone to hone your creative side at night because the peace and tranquillity works in your favour, then at least ensure to get sufficient sleep- at least 6-7 hours irrespective of the time you turn in.

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2. Get Up When The First Alarm Rings

We all have a tendency to turn off the alarm when it rings the first time in the morning. This is where you go wrong. As a result of your tiny action what happens is that you get embroiled in a vicious cycle of snoozes one after the other until the realization finally hits you that YOU ARE LATE. And once this stage arrives in your morning you put everything in jeopardy- your health by skipping breakfast, your morning peace, your attitude towards people and things, in general, to somehow make up for the time lost and get to work on time in order to avoid getting fired this time.

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 3. Keep Things Ready Beforehand

One tip that will prevent you from being late is by arranging things beforehand. Keep your breakfast items ready in the fridge in little boxes the night before so you don’t have to wonder in the kitchen thinking about what you can whip up quickly. Also, keep your wallet, keys, and other items that you carry with you regularly in stipulated locations so you don’t have to turn the entire household upside down ever so often in the week trying to look for them.

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4. Calculate Your Commute Time

Never underestimate the time that will be required in your daily commute. If it actually takes thirty minutes but you end up assigning fifteen minutes then you will be without a doubt late every day. So if it takes, for example, forty-five minutes to get to your place of work then give yourself one hour of commute time. This will prevent you from rushing and meeting with an accident on the streets. Also, if it helps to give you mental security then you should try investing in a health insurance for your own well-being and also for the well-being of your loved ones should something unfortunate ever were to happen to you or your family on the way.

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 5. Don’t Let Social Media Get In The Way

A propensity that people, in general, tend to have is that they get hooked to their smartphones the moment they get up in the morning- they keep scrolling down their newsfeed in order to see what their friends and acquaintances are up to, ultimately wasting precious time doing nothing constructive themselves. This is very bad. This is a bane of the digital world and if you want to be on time for work and be successful in life then you should make sure to limit the time you spend on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms on a regular basis.

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